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Nickl Academy managing healthcare facilities together

Please introduce yourself and your start-up Nickl Academy to our readers!
Nickl Academy came after a long research and consideration of the current issues raising along with the discussion of designing and managing healthcare facilities, especially when it comes to linking the creativity of architects, innovation of engineers, and the visionary leadership of executives and policy makers.

We are dedicated toward bringing ambitious young professionals who are directly involved in designing and managing healthcare facilities together. Whether you are a student, an active designer, medical staff, or a leader; our courses are designed to bring you all together in one circle. We aim to align your innovative abilities and maintain your comprehensive knowledge in your own area of expertise.
Our academy is proud to play the bridging role; connecting all those brains standing brilliantly behind designing and managing healthcare facilities.

How did you get the idea to Nickl Academy?
I studied health information management as a bachelor degree, followed that with an MBA in international hospitals management and healthcare systems. Since the beginning, I was so interested in understanding the complexity of the healthcare sector from its mega network of providers, to the key beneficiaries “the patients”. During the MBA study time in 2007, I met my husband who is an architect and specialized in designing healthcare facilities, and since then our future started together.

After marriage I moved to Munich and started looking for a job, but since I was always interested in the healthcare sector and education, I wanted to do something in this specific area. Adding to that, my fascination toward architecture and art; the idea of bringing architecture and healthcare management together was finally born. I developed the focus of the academy to be on designing and managing healthcare facilities, following the concept: “the more you understand how a healthcare facility works, the better you will design and manage it”.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
It was and still is very challenging due to the fact that I´m starting a completely new life in Munich. Taking into consideration that I´m not a German and Germany is my new home, I had to settle down in a new country, understand a new system, learn a new language, and start up a new business. But in the end, things can be accomplished if strong willingness and insistency are there. I have also received the full support and trust from my husband, which always pushed me forward.

Who is your target audience?
All professionals directly involved in designing and managing healthcare facilities.
We also target young students/employees; those who are highly ambitious toward building their future career in and around designing and managing healthcare facilities.
And as our teaching/lecturing network is rapidly expanding; we welcome more professional academics and field expertise to join our knowledge-share circle.

What is the USP of your startup?
• First academy bringing this concept officially to the professional training market
• New concept of bridging art, architecture and learning environment together. And you can always sense it as soon as you walk in into our place.
• We started a continuous learning kind of move in town that we call a “knowledge-share circle”, which reflects our slogan “unlimited knowledge share”. Aiming to connect well-recognized academics and field experts with our participants in regular circles of discussion, debate, and networking.
• We are not an academic institute; we focus more on continuous learning and building a professional career.
• Our training courses mix innovation and real-life experience in stimulating the abilities of our participants to come up with efficient and green cost-effective designs and management solutions.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Our daily work is a mixture of green architecture and recent healthcare management trends. From a morning healthy smoothie, to a modern design magazine, and a small snack in the afternoon; all well fitted in our daily action-plan. We communicate, communicate, and keep communicating to connect as much professionals as we can reach, aiming to maintain the knowledge and experience.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Nickl Academy in five years?
A well-recognized training academy in Germany taking the leading role in linking design and management of healthcare facilities.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
• Follow your own passion, never be a duplicated option.
• Start with a strong concept; reaching high can be very fast, but falling is even faster. So, take it step by step with a clear future-plan.
• Your existence is dependent on your clients, deliver the outcome as per their needs, not as per yours.

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