New Horizons Global Partners

Re-inventing how companies expand to Asian markets. 

Understanding what it takes to do business in and with Asia is vital to corporations aiming at long term financial and strategic outcomes, yet foreign companies experience a lack of expertise in how to tackle expansion projects across the continent.

Through a network of local entities, New Horizons enables businesses to recruit and hire onsite teams without having to establish a local subsidiary, minimizing legal complexities and unpredictable costs when expanding to Asia. Local talent is simply on-boarded and managed on behalf of the client on New Horizons’ local payroll.

New Horizons Global Partners, Asia’s leading human resource & corporate consulting agency.

In case foreign corporations decide to set up a foreign subsidiary, its in-country experts provide entity setup, payroll, and HR administration platform which enables clients to retain the same level of exceptional HR and compliance support.

Additional solutions include international talent acquisition, visa & immigration support as well as strategic consulting.

The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China and has been founded by Tom Kussmann (GER), Antoine Boquen (FRA) and Pierre Pradier (FRA).

Visit the company’s homepage at New Horizons Global Partners.

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