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MyMobiForce Launches AI-Based Crowd-Sourcing Platform

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Mymobiforce – Company Profile

Established in 2018, Noida based Mymobiforce (brand) is AI based leading crowd-sourcing platform in India to manage on-demand services. Mymobiforceconnectson-demand field force with service companies. The company has been established to create an extensive network of qualified technicians thereby, generating work for the freelancers and small partners. It caters to sectors like IT, telecom, logistics, networking & hospitality etc.  

The company is founded by Dheeraj Khatter, Kshitiz Saini, & Himanshu Kumar who met & aligned with each other while working at HCL. The idea of Mymobiforce came to their mind while working on a product for field force management. While doing a research on the feasibility study of the product and field services around the product, they saw the challenges of the brands and companies to implement on-demand Field Services, thus providing them with a technology platform to find a qualified field talent at the right time at the right place.

With the advancements in the space of IOT, Field Service industry is moving towards proactive & predictive service management. A huge amount of field service calls will be generated through the billions of connected devices thereby, preparing brands to handle this dynamic flow of service calls. Crowd-sourcing is emerging to be the best fit solution for the emerging trend of gig-economy around field operation for various industries.

MyMobiForce aims to create an extensive network of skilled Field technicians for brands to grow and expand their business without worrying much about Service Operations, hence, generating jobsbusiness for the Service Partners. The industry has transited fromin-sourcing to out-sourcing and now moving to crowd-sourcing which is the need of the hour by sharing of resources and shifting the complete service operations cost model from Capex to Opex.

Expansion Plans

The company plans to strengthen the aggregation of a strong talent pool to serve brands looking for various requirement of field services. The initial focus is to build ecosystem around general technical services as well as Connectivity & Connected devices. The startup plans to increase the sales team to add more enterprises and SMB clients to increase the service transactions number from 15,000 to 45,000 per month in the next 6 months. They also plan to focus towards building a Technology around AI based Pricing Insight Engine, which can help the clients to pay the right price for the desired services.


MyMobiforce had raised $200,000 in angel funding from angel funding from US based angel investors – Arpan Prakash, Senior Siebel Consultant at Southwest Airlines and Sanjiv Mital, Chief executive at National Institute of Smart Government (NISG).

With our current operations in 10 cities with 2000+ freelancers and 1000+ Partners, MyMobiforce is serving Clients like HCL, Airtel , Nokia , Hughes, Tata Nelco, QTek Systems, Voltas, Intex, Lloyd, POS Solutions, XtremeMedia,Firstouch and many more.

MyMobiforce is trying to give a name and a face to all these skilled workforces by creating their profile, training them and giving brands the right technology platform to connect with these people in an organized manner.

Source Clarity Communication

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