Monday, January 18, 2021


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Moggie is a combination of mobile APP and smart collar for cats that becomes a pocket VET for the owners

Moggie is the world’s first smart cat care system for cats that is a combination of smart collar and mobile app which becomes a POCKET VET for the owner to better understand the cat. It helps the owner to monitor the cat’s daily activities and gather deep insights about the pets’ health and behavior. Moggie smart collar is designed with inputs from veterinarians and cat owners and each feature of the collar was studied and customized to meet the physical shape and emotions of cat, so that the cat is at complete comfort when wearing the collar.

Moggie lets the cat owners better understand their cats and stay connected with them even if the owners are away from home. The smart collar is designed especially for cats, taking into account their lifestyle and needs. It knows everything about the cat by tracking pet’s activity 24/7. The app is useful even without the collar, but with the collar it lifts the relations between the cat and the owner to a new level. The app allows the owner to keep all information about the cat in one place: ID, vaccination, diseases, age. It shares insightful reminders about vet routines helping to prevent common cat’s diseases in advance. The app is also about fun. It becomes a communication platform for cats and their owners, allowing the owners to share cat’s achievements, compete with each other using data from the collar, find cat partners for breeding and connect with other cat owners who can help with hosting the cat during travels.

The technology behind Moggie is backed up by a powerful and advanced algorithm for movement detection through patented SensorBeatTM Analyser and API which are software packages that are integrated into the hardware platform of Moggie.


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