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A Watch That’s out of This World

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The L1 Limited Edition Meteorite by Lilienthal Berlin

The centrepiece of Lilienthal Berlin’s newest watch is millions of years old and has travelled far across the galaxy. The sub dial of the L1 Limited Edition Meteorite is made from a piece of real meteorite! This extra-terrestrial material gives the watch a truly extraordinary appearance.

Watchmaker Lilienthal Berlin placed a literally alien highlight in its newest Limited Edition: a piece of real meteorite is imbedded in the watch’s sub dial. This extremely rare (and therefore also pretty expensive…) material was created many millions of years ago in the depths of the cosmos, flew across the universe and landed on Earth as a shooting star some 800,000 years ago. Yet Muonionalusta – that’s the meteorite’s name – was found just 100 years ago somewhere in the North of Sweden. And now it has finally arrived at its designated destination: in the centre of a watch of the kind that doesn’t usually fall into your lap.

Lilienthal Berlin wholly adapted the L1’s award-winning design to the meteorite’s style. But first, a little astrology lesson. Because the meteorite travelled through space for an extremely long amount of time and thereby cooled off a lot in zero gravity, the material now exhibits the so-called Widmannstätten structure. This pattern looks slightly different in each part of the meteorite. It’s basically like a cosmic fingerprint, which is not just an unmistakable sign for the meteorite’s authenticity, but it also turns each L1 Limited Edition into a truly unique item!

The line structures of the Widmannstätten pattern are stylistically picked up and continued onto the dial. The cool grey tone of the meteorite also continues over the dial with the engraved digits and the dark grey casing until the grey leather strap – Berlin design and cosmic style, united in a watch!

The L1 Limited Edition ‘Meteorite‘ is available in two sizes – with a diameter of 37.5 and 42.5 millimetres. Both versions are limited to 999 pieces each and have their respective serial number engraved in the case back. A certificate in the box attests the uniqueness of the watch and the authenticity of the meteorite.

Furthermore, as the folk saying goes, once you see a shooting star, you’re allowed to make a wish. Lilienthal Berlin can’t fulfil each and every wish, but, once all watches have been sold, the company will donate 5,000 euros to charitable institutions in Berlin that help children in need.

Technical details L1 Limited Edition Meteorite

Dial Galvanised, especially cut, with engraved digits and a piece of real meteorite
Movement Swiss manufacturer Ronda
Calibre Quartz Slimtech Kaliber 1069
Diameter 37.5 or 42.5 mm
Height 8mm
Case material 316L surgical steel
Glass Sapphire-coated mineral glass
Strap material Plant-tanned natural leather
Production Made in Germany
Price £ 329

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Source: Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH

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