MCCVANI, reviving craftsmanship where luxury meets affordability

Mccvani, aims to highlight the pivotal role of leather craftsmanship in Pakistan through a tech startup. We deal in pure handmade leather bags, jackets and shoes with 70%off luxury prices. The sky touching prices of leather products due to unnecessary use of middleman, which costs the customer around 70% extra of the original product price will no longer be a nightmare for you because we at Mccvani, care for your well earned money and crave to give our customers immense pleasure and satisfaction on every product they buy.

We also aim to create more labor for the rural population and revive the dying craftsmanship of Pakistan’s second largest industry; Leather Industry; through our tech startup. We are hiring the best rural artisans who will infuse life into our well sketched designs.

We believe in making stylish yet comfortable, simple yet classy, affordable yet luxurious leather products solely by hand which means we take special care of details that too at an affordable price for our valuable customers because luxury does not always means expensive. We use finest quality leather and look into very small details of our products made with much care. So, give your wardrobe a luxury touch; Mccvani touch and celebrate the best crafting Pakistan has to offer.


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