If you feel strongly about what you want to do, Go For It!

Maya’s Closet sells baby clothing, accessories and toys

Please introduce yourself and your startup Maya’s Closet to our readers!
We are a husband and wife duo (Altamash Murad and Sabeen Murad) and founded Maya’s Closet a over 2 years ago. Maya’s Closet sells baby clothing, accessories and toys.

How did you get the idea to Maya’s Closet?
A few months after we had our first child Maya we realised that there was a big gap in the market when it came to branded and good quality baby clothes and accessories. Most online stores were taking pre orders and that meant paying an advance and then waiting 40 days for the product to get to you.

We changed it up, decided to have everything in stock and to deliver the order in 2 to 4 days time.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
The challenge from day one really was the inventory, because we set our model of having everything in stock that meant we had to keep a large inventory. Warehousing was one problem but the other was being able to stock the products.

A self funded startup and a business model that required stock in hand at all times it has been difficult, there were times were we didnt have stock to sell. Slowly we have learnt to manage our buying cycles, have more money for inventory now.

As a self funded startup we did everything ourselves, inventory, ironing clothes, taking pictures, packing, everything! We did this for over a year from our house with a young child and loved and love every minute of it!

Who is your target audience?
Our audience mainly is the mother of a young child, who may have more then one child to care for. Its extremely difficult to go out to a bricks and motor store while expecting a child or right after. Once there then she might have to go to a few to find what she is looking for, and even then might not find it.

What is the USP of your startup?
We as parents understand the pains of parents, our aim always has been to provide products we would/and use for our own children (we have a 3 month old son now). We always try and sell products that are not/or easily available in the market. We personally pick each design/product and want to be sure its value for money. Raising children is not easy financially and we realize that.

Sabeen as a mother is able to guide new mothers about what they might need in the coming months, we try and make sure our customer service is top notch. Over 25% of orders monthly come from repeat customers. We want to build relationships, not transactions.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
The day for us starts with getting Maya ready for school, our office is still in the house, we have 2 full time employees that come in at 10 am. Either one of us has already started working by then, main load of the day is getting through the messages we get on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Mayascloset1/

The day is spent between doing messages, making sure the social media pages are updated. If new stock has come in then the work day for the two of us doesnt end, we are up till 2 am writing down the inventory and back up at 6:30am. With the new stock we have to do the inventory and then take pictures of the products (we do most in house).

We start with the packing of orders around 2PM and finish up by 5PM, get back to the messages from customers around 8PM or 11PM depending on how many we have.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Maya’s Closet in five years?
We want to be the go to place for parents when it comes to babies, for most we want to be the name that comes to their mind when they think anything baby related. In the past two years we have added toys, accessories and shoes to our product range and there is plenty more that we want to add.

Being a self funded startup it has been difficult given the business model, but there are offers and interest from a few who wish to invest into the dream we have for Maya’s Closet and we feel that in the next 2 years we can move towards becoming that one stop shop we aim to be.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Dont raise funds too soon, we have had offers before, we were advised to raise funds grow faster and we are happy we didnt.
Do everything yourself and you will learn so much more about yourself, your team and your start up.
GFI!, dont think, dont listen to what others say or might think. If you feel strongly about what you want to do, Go For It!

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Thank you Altamash Murad for the Interview

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