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Interview with Maria Relaki, organizer of the leading IoT event Industry of Things World in Berlin

What is the state of the Industrial IoT in 2017?
Maria Relaki: In 2017 the industrial IoT is still gaining momentum, but it already has a big impact on business strategies and IT infrastructure. McKinsey predicts the potential value that could be unleashed with IoT applications in the manufacturing space to be as much as $3.7 trillion in 2025 or about one-third of all potential economic value estimated.

The Internet of Things has been in the media as the next big thing for years. But implementing new technology in an enterprise needs time. So, 2017 is the year for big deployments, more use cases and monetisation. However, let’s not forget that IoT doesn’t stand alone in this digital transformation journey that companies are going through. The big question now is how do machine learning, AI, smart data and autonomous systems all work together in this field.

Getting an overview of the state of the Industrial IoT ecosystem is crucial for understanding what is right for businesses and that’s why Industry of Things World and HPE have devised a short survey to identify the challenges and opportunities in the space.

Which role do startups play in the IoT ecosystem?
Maria Relaki: Though large companies recognised the changing potential of IoT early on, most of them can’t embark on the journey alone. They need the innovation source, ideas, passion and flexibility of start-ups in this space. The world of IoT is growing at a breathtaking pace and start-ups should now get involved.

There are many examples of how start-ups can benefit from riding this wave and really make a difference in transforming the business and IT world as we know it and not only in the consumer space. We are talking here about the impact start-ups can have on the heavy industry. An example is the IoT-platform provider Cumulocity. The startup’s technology attracted the software giant Software AG and it joined the group this spring. This way startups can shape and pave the way for the mass adoption of IoT in businesses and across all verticals.

Furthermore, a report published in October 2015 indicated the top 100 IoT startups in the world had a combined funding of $6.19 billion. IoT startups receive high funding deals involving corporate investors. It is predicted that by the end of 2017 50% of IoT solutions will come from startups that are less than three years old.

What can attendees expect from Industry of Things World 2017?
Maria Relaki: The conference sessions will cover the latest developments, trends and standards across the growing IIoT spectrum. Leading companies and players in the field will be talking about their real world use cases on how IIoT has changed their business and impacted on their bottom line and infrastructure. As a special highlight, Kevin Ashton, the British technology pioneer who coined the term “Internet of Things” is scheduled to share an exclusive keynote and will be exploring ideas on how to make sense of the IoT by adopting its most relevant, modern technologies across multiple industries and disciplines.

Industry of Things World covers topics from “Business Model Generation” and “Data Driven Decision Making” to “Technology And Infrastructure” and “IIoT Applications,” providing insights on how IoT can be monetized through augmented and virtual reality concepts in manufacturing simulation or new ways to transform entire business models. The discussions will explore the transformations surrounding “the factory of the future.”

More than 1,000 decision makers, influencers, and experts from top industrial companies like HPE, Accenture, Daimler, Airbus, SNCF and many more will exchange knowledge, experiences, and real-use cases of IIoT applications.

How can startups and founders participate?
Maria Relaki: We have a dedicated startup area at the event allowing new, up and coming companies to showcase, benchmark and test their ideas with real industry players.

Industry of Things World pays special attention to its interactive character, which distinctly distinguishes itself from other conferences. The main objective is to enable the discussion of IoT use cases and challenges, in an exclusive and intimate atmosphere, which otherwise would be withheld from the public.
Through many different interactive sessions, such as workshops, training-sessions, World-Café discussions, and a networking dinner the entire IIoT ecosystem can come together and create those essential contacts.

About Industry of Things World
Shortly after its inception, the Industry of Things World has managed to become the leading Industrial IoT conference in Europe. Launched since 2015 in Berlin, it uniquely focuses on the Industry 4.0 user and addresses a variety of thematic areas relevant to a cross-industry audience from automotive to manufacturing and the factory of the future. It brings together more than 1,300 guests from senior-level management and the industry’s most influential decision makers for a two day event this September 18th and 19th in Berlin. The event inspires and provides insightful discussions about IoT use cases and challenges, which otherwise would not be shared openly with the general public.

The Industry of Things World Berlin is part of a global series of events that are additionally hosted in international locations like Singapore and the US. The conference is organized by we.CONECT, the leading business information, business events and business community company, headquartered in Berlin.

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