Always be grounded and start your work with optimism

Mapprr offers live availability of the products and quick delivery

Please introduce yourself and your startup Mapprr to our readers!

Incorporated in 2015 (2nd November, 2015) and headquartered at Hyderabad, India, Bharathi Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. (company name) or brand name Mapprr is the pioneer in Hyperlocal delivery concept bringing it for the first time in India, which offers live availability of the products, on-board, and quick 60 minutes’ delivery that simplifies the user experience. Thus, Mapprr is a customer centric company and believes in creating a culture around the customer and their needs. 

How did you get the idea to Mapprr?

While I was working on my Robotic Arm Project in my B.Tech (Mechanical) final year 2015, I was searching for few retail products. In search of which, I roamed from store to store and understood that there is a gap between the retailer and the consumer. These pain points of the customer sow the seeds and I thus started Mapprr. March 2016 is when the website has been launched with every touch point needed! July, 2017 I gathered a team of 10 and in January, 2018 is when the iOS & Android App has been launched.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?

It was quite a difficult start to put it in to a perspective, the sector is very unorganized and needed a lot of understanding, especially the Retail markets. Retail is not just complicated but it is also very cluttered with different players from different trades. 

Capital was where I was struck at for quite some period not understanding how to generate the capital. Mapprr is bootstrapped later and started with two interns who believed the idea. I always took calculated risks with clear understanding on what I was meddling with, my passion, interest and pursuing skills developed the visionary ideology of how Mapprr should shape to. 

Almost 1 year I spent my time understanding the industry and how they operate across the general trade and modern trade. How the FMCG products flow from manufacturers to brick and mortar stores. Which stores contain what products and everything they sell and that is when I realized how unorganized the retail industry is. That is when I was set on a mission to ensure every store is organized in this industry. Having had the entrepreneurial mindset, it made my life simple managing people and adhering to principle I had in life. 

I have seen many Hyperlocal Startups come into existence but couldn’t survive because of various reasons, established players like Grofers moved from Hyperlocal to Inventory model finding it difficult to source products from local stores, Mapprr exactly identified the issues and built a customer centric solution to solve the issues which were not solved by many other players in the Hyperlocal space venturing into O2O (Offline to Online).

Introducing 60 Minutes delivery along with Live Availability through a mobile app helped my business click and people’s reception was huge when the app got introduced. From that moment on I worked on improving the operations and marketing & sales teams to ensure the steady flow of revenue, trying to make the company self-sufficient. Certain marketing & sales decisions clicked and helped us scale bigger milestones!

Can you describe a typical workday of you?

It all starts with ensuring our customers get the right amount of satisfaction and happiness, operations take big part of the day! Making sure that the amount of orders we received are delivered as per the time promised is a big thing. Sometimes we receive orders which are way beyond our fulfilment capacity, had to again send a sorry message to our users for fulfilling the orders in time. The hustles of order management are a typical routine, apart from that managing Sales, Marketing and other Business driven teams for channeling the revenue to be a self-sufficient company. Product Management takes another important pie of the day, feature specific future roadmap enabling it to be technologically adaptive & advanced. 

Where do you see yourself and your startup Mapprr in five years?

Organizing the most Robust Retail Industry which works with real time analytics & Mapprr being a Hyperlocal Giant in all the respective categories aims to solve the very critical problem persisting in the markets.

Mapprr providing full-fledged play book like solution for all the retailers in the hyperlocal space



What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?

Understand the markets deeply even if it is time consuming, else the business turns into a half boiled soup without clear understanding on how real-time markets work. Don’t try to be just better, rather work on how to do it differently.

Understand what future holds and always be adaptive to the markets or else you’ll be out of the game.

Always be grounded and start your work with optimism, there might be a lot of competition but believe your idea and keep persevering it in life. Never ever think that you are a small player in the market. You never know who likes what!

“Technology & Trade has a long way to go, e-commerce has disrupted the shopping space but Hyperlocal is the future and Mapprr holds the future.”

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Thank you Aruna Subhakar for the Interview

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