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Lindbergh Studio co-working space with shared facilities catering area

Please introduce yourself and your Co-Working Space Lindbergh Studio to our readers!
Lindbergh Studio is a new co-working space in Freimann-Munich, providing a full floor of shared-offices, with shared facilities such as catering area, reception, meeting rooms, a conference room and the opportunity to reserve your own dedicated desk.

How did you get the idea to Lindbergh Studio?
The story started with Family Nickl, which was and still so fascinated with art and architecture. In fact, all family members are architects! The father started an architecture company more than 35 years ago, which is now one of the leading architecture companies in Europe “Nickl & Partner”. The company is allocated in Lindberghstraße 19, which is a cool-kind of building representing the concept they have been following in their architectural designs. As the company grows bigger and more employees are joining, the idea of expanding into a 2nd floor came up. In early 2017, the company moved up to the new floor and is currently occupying the 1st and 2nd floors.

Looking at the ground floor and its artistic opened kind of atmosphere, we decided to open it for those young artists and architects who are highly interested in opened light spaces, art, and contemporary design. And from there, the idea of a co-working space came up, considering the absence of such option in the area.

The floor is also equipped with excellent facilities, such as a big conference room that fits up to 60 people, and 2 meetings room taking up to 10 people each, and a catering area, which can host small events for up to 50 people. We believe utilizing such an area is an art, and with art comes always beautiful outcomes; and this is what we always wanted to provide our clients with. For that, we are also providing a full package for those interested in hosting their small/cosy events in our studio, taking care of all their expectations from preparing the venue, catering, photography, invitations, etc. in convenient customized offers.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
The building itself was designed and built in an excellent opened space, therefore, when we started developing the concept and planning the project; implementation obstacles free due to the excellent infrastructure available already. Our only one challenge at the moment is marketing and reaching as much of our target group as possible.

Who is your target audience?
As of our co-working space, we welcome all start-ups, young artists, architects, and professionals who are highly interested in a contemporary opened working space. We also welcome filming companies, who are interested in shooting some of their film scenes in a working atmosphere. And as of our events area, we are welcoming all individuals and companies who are looking for a unique events space, with tailored packages to meet their expectations.

What is the USP of your startup?
– New and unique in the area.
– Artistic kind of opened space and interior design.
– Flexible and spacious facilities that can be utilized in so many ways.
– Our prices are very competitive.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
We always start with an espresso, a quick discussion for our day schedule, and for sure a morning skim through a design magazine. Oh! The design and art magazines we are prescribed in are all unique and surrounding us everywhere in the building, just like our art collection; we collect as a family.

When its sunny, we usually have beautiful lunch-break walk around the green block, but we also enjoy working while snowflakes fall all round us, thanks to the beautiful opened design we have, that keeps no barrier between us and the surrounding nature.

Where do you see yourself and your start-up Lindbergh Studio in five years?
A full occupancy will be our ultimate success! Which will be achieved by becoming a well-recognized and highly trusted co-working and events space in Munich, hosting very important and unique events on annual basis. We aim toward becoming an artistic-architectural-hub in town.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
1. Imagination and innovation will for sure play a vital role in your success, but don´t fly too high without a secured ground. We believe in well-built fundamentals, including the business module supported with an excellent and secured infrastructure are the key to long-term success.
2. Create your own taste, don’t follow!
3. Remember, you exist as long as your customers do! So, meet their expectations.

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