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Sabine Elsässer
Sabine Elsässer is founder and chief editor of the StartupValleyNews Magazine. She started her career at several international direct sale companys. Since 2007 she works main time as a journalist. While that time she learned more about the Startup Scene, what made her start her own Startup Magazine the StartupValleyNews.

LifeLog – Social Media Where Points Equal Prizes

Please introduce yourself and your startup LifeLog to our readers!
We are Mike and Andy Starkey. Two brothers from Essex in the UK. We are the founders of LifeLog and new social media app that turns everyday activities into a game by ‘unlocking achievements’. We have over 1000 real-life achievements in the app; the users then upload evidence of them doing the achievement. Once their achievements get verified by their friends and other LifeLoggers, they get awarded the points linked to the achievement. With LifeLog, Points Equal Prizes, so the more points a user has, the more chance they have of winning some cool stuff, like games consoles.

How did you get the idea to LifeLog?
We saw how people were hunting achievements in video games and though it would be great if people could hunt achievements in the real world. We thought it would be great encouragement for people to get out there, be more active and try new things. Even if its just to get more points!

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
The start was quite challenging as we had to find a good software developer to help build the platform. Unfortunately, we made a mistake in our initial choice. The software was really poor and not to our standards or specification. We then had to re-strategize, so we looked offshore for our next dev team. They came with a great recommendation, and after working with them, we can certainly say that recommendation was justified. We would be happy to pass that recommendation on to any other startups looking for developers right now.

Who is your target audience?
Mainly anyone aged 18-35, but to be honest anyone who is bored of regular social media and wants a platform that gives back and not just takes. Our current users love the competitive angle to it, so LifeLog is also great for groups of competitive friends who like to challenge each other.

What is the USP of your startup?
We offer our users the gamification of life experiences, one that promotes the competitive nature we have as humans and gives that sense of pride upon completing the achievements. It’s the way the app encourages the users to be more adventurous, plus they get to win great prizes. No other social platform offers this.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Right now, we focus on promoting the platform. We also look for new achievement inspiration from our users and at local venues around Essex and London, whether it’s going to new activity centres, speaking to the local bowling alley or finding new eating challenges.

Where do you see yourself and LifeLog in five years?
Ideally, we would like to see it challenge the way people look at their social media platforms. We have an ad-free business model, which mean we don’t bombard our users with adds and click-bait. So, improving the quality of social media is one aspect. The other is to have a community of LifeLoggers that help each other achieve more. Like climbing Kilimanjaro together, running marathons together or inviting each other to their home cities. We would then like to support our community by increasing the prizes to include paying for flights, expeditions and equipment. Lastly, we feel that as video content enhances our platform, we look forward to seeing where we can grow in this area and enrich the experience for our users.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
We cannot overstate the need for perseverance when things go wrong. It can be really demoralising when you make mistakes, but take a breath, learn and move on.

Take your time. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to rush out a product or service. While being ‘first to market’ is something to be aimed for, it should never come at the cost of the quality of what you are offering.

Network with people from across the globe. Knowing and trusting people in different countries can give you extra opportunities or reduced costs that wouldn’t otherwise be available. The keyword here is trust, which is, unfortunately, a rare commodity.

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Thank you Mike and Andy Starkey for the Interview

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