Lensta – the instant upgrade that takes iPhone photography to new levels

Easy to install and use lenses that are going to make your Instagram pictures look even more incredible

Lensta, a lens-based instant upgrade that takes iPhone photography to new levels debuts today March 30th. The must-have accessory for the iPhone features a trio of easy to install lenses which enables phone owners to be even more creative and take images that rival those shot by expensive cameras.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Ismat Ihsan Toffaha, the kit combines three separate additional camera lens in one package. The lenses comes with a leather bag so they are easy to carry around as well as a nice leather strap.

Unlike some rival iPhone lenses Lensta is really easy to use. Swapping the lens is simple. The lenses come with a dedicated, stylish leather iPhone case (which is available in black, brown and navy) and owners simply screw the lenses on to the case. The phone owner can take wide angle images, create fisheye style effects or snap images at very close range, with a magnification of 10x, using the macro lens.

Lensta is ideal for both photography enthusiasts as well as more casual snappers who share their images on social sites.

“I think Lensta is the best way to upgrade your iPhone without buying a new model” says company CEO Ismat Ihsan Toffaha. “It really is simple to use and delivers the type of pictures people expect from high-end cameras, yet via a phone.”

The best camera a person has is the one they have with them all the time, which is often the one on their phone, and now with Lensta they can take fantastic images with that camera.

The three lens are:

Wide angle Lensta
The wide angle lens solves the problem of limited camera angle width, especially when taking photos from a short distance. Lensta offers a wider angle view of the camera which is ideal for taking photos or videos of landscapes, buildings, groups or to take selfies. With the wide angle lens photographers don’t have the inconvenience of having to go many steps back to include the entire view in the picture.

Fisheye Lensta
This product offers a holistic point of view with panoramic, almost 360 degrees view photos. This super fisheye lens offers an angle that is beyond the capability of the human eye providing extra width on all camera angles. It is perfect for panoramic and artistic pictures of large views like tall buildings or a large graffiti. It is also great for taking photos of people or items in crowded environments where you can never manage to get the background of the place you’re at in the picture with the normal iPhone camera. Rather than giving a squared picture with clear edges, it brings this fisheye typical round picture view.

Macro Lensta
This lens brings a macro perspective to the iPhone, that it is not capable of doing itself, because it is not made for these kind of photographs. It is a very special magnifying lens for taking photos of very small objects. It equips the phone camera with a remarkable zooming factor, allowing it to take photos of peculiar details that the human eye and the iPhone camera zoom factor are often unable to grasp. This lens offers a new perspective on objects by allowing you to see their every detail and show the beauty and art of photography of tiny creatures.

The lenses go on sale Indiegogo on March 30th.

Source Clarity PR GmbH

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