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 LAPO Blockchain building the next generation of stable cryptocurrencies, the LAPO Coin

Please introduce yourself and your startup LAPO Blockchain to our readers!
I am Luiis Franceschi, a Swiss entrepreneur passionate about blockchain, digital world, innovation and sparkling wines. And I started coding when I was 11 years old and founded my first company, a web agency in the south of Switzerland, when I was about 18. I also love helping other Startups to develop ideas with the “Lean & Design thinking” approach and my technology knowledge.

Four years ago, I started to explore the Blockchain technology and all I have done since then is focused in finding alternatives ways to get the most out of it. I am the founder and CEO of LAPO Blockchain AG, a Swiss Startup that is building the next generation of stable cryptocurrencies, the LAPO Coin, and the tools and services required to foster the mass adoption of digital currencies.

We are based in the Crypto Valley of Zug, one of the world’s top Blockchain cities.

How did you get the idea to LAPO Blockchain?
I was investing in cryptocurrencies and I was also mining so, I created a discussion group to speak about digital currencies. One of the hottest topics was the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and all of us agreed that an effective stablecoin was necessary to break the limitations and restrictions of today’s crypto-world. We researched the approaches of the stablecoins that were already in the market and found some issues that had to be solved. This is how the idea of the LAPO coin came about. We are implementing a new hybrid paradigm: having a Monetary Policy, as Central Banks do, but governed by an Open Source Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and having also a collateralized fund that will support and generate value to the coin.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Starting a Blockchain project is complex, we are working with a new technology that is in its process of maturing. But when it comes to the Blockchain into the financial world, things are even more complicated. The regulation is still being written and can change from a moment to other. Also, in Switzerland you must overcome strict controls to enter the game in a clean way and thus generate confidence in investors.

Fortunately, we have overcome this arduous task.

Who is your target audience?
We expect our products to be global, to serve as an alternative to the current financial system. Currently, we focus on bringing our technology to developing countries, since they are the ones that need it most, in order to overcome problems such as hyperinflation and financial exclusion.
As we are still developing our products, we also target investors in the European market, investors that we call “careful investors”, instead of “pump and dump investors” (that abound in the market), because it is a long-term investment.

And since our Blockchain is working, another target is the miners who help us maintain the network.

What is the USP of your startup?
We are the Swiss knife for cryptocurrencies. We offer all the tools to facilitate the use of digital currencies and thus encourage their massive adoption. Highlighting what “Swiss made” means in terms of quality, safety and security.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
The only thing typical of my workday is that I work a lot, but every day is different. Sometimes I spend the whole day in the office and some days I must attend conferences as a speaker or meet investors, business, partners, and so on, of which I really enjoy because it is not a routine and I meet a lot of interesting and exciting people within the Blockchain technology. Of course, with good planning you can have time for everything. At the end of the day I always have time to walk and play with my dog, cook a special dinner or read an interesting book.

Where do you see yourself and your startup LAPO Blockchain in five years?
I see myself working and helping others Blockchain projects in different areas that can help make our world a better, fairer and more inclusive place.
In five years the LAPO ecosystem will be running, including our full banking license. That means that our business will have a global presence, and that our products and services will be used around the world.

We see LAPO Blockchain as one of the top players into the Cryptocurrency world.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Focus on a problem that is worth solving. Success lies in satisfying a real need of the market.
Create strong relationships to have a network of people you can rely on.
Do something that you love.

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Thank you Luiis Franceschi for the Interview

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