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Labiotech founders Philip and Joachim
Labiotech founders Philip and Joachim is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry

Please introduce yourself and your startup Labiotech to our readers! is Europe’s leading digital media for Biotechnology, in short but for Biotech. I am Philip Hemme, the CEO and co-founder with my partner Joachim Eeckhout.

How did you get the idea to Labiotech?
With my partner, we started a French blog almost 3 years ago as a student non-profit project. It became the biggest blog for Biotech in France and after graduating, we decided to build up on this first experience to scale it up at a European level. We have been now working since September 2014 on the new website where we went from 0 to 25 000 unique visitors per months in October 2015.

How do you found as founder team together?
Pretty randomly, I must admit. Joachim was the first person I talked to at our Biotech College in Paris and we first became good friends. We then worked together on few student projects and then both wanted to build up our own project. That’s how we came to start the French blog.

How Labiotech works?
We are a digital media providing a source of information for the people interested in the Biotech industry (which is an exciting and fast-growing industry). We write our own content about great stories, start-ups or partnerships, and publish roughly 20 articles per week.

What`s the USP of your startup Labiotech?
We have two USPs: we are a modern media designed for online experience/mobile experience (you can download our app which is the first one to let you read news about the European Biotech sector) and we are covering the European industry in depth, not just a single country.

Who is the target audience of Labiotech?
Our main audience comes from the Biotech and Pharma industry (50%). We then have 20% from academia, 15% students, 5% investors and the rest undefined. We are basically interested experts in the Biotech field but we also try to broaden our audience and interest curious people. More and more people get interested in Biotech and we help them get informed too.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Our vision is to be the next TechCrunch but for Biotech.

Which tip would you give other founders on the way?
Come to Berlin to launch your start-up, it’s awesome. We are both for France, even though I’m half-german, and we decided to settle to Berlin to start and so far, it was a great decision.

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