IoT Solutions World Congress returns to Fira Barcelona

● What is Industrial Internet of Things and why is it so relevant?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices that provide data that helps organisations gain more granular insight into performance and automate complex and formerly manual processes. It’s transforming entire industries and the businesses within them. Such innovations have driven a new phase of growth across a vast range of sectors; both economic and technological. As testament to this, IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) will return to Fira Barcelona in October to discuss disruptive IoT technology.

● What is IoT Solutions World Congress offering?

We’re bringing together the world’s leading industrial IoT experts over three days to explore opportunities IoT technology offers across key industries. We’ve brought in the likes of Accenture, Deloitte, Intel, IBM and Vodafone to showcase their latest innovations in IoT while speakers and attendees will analyse how IoT is radically transforming industry as we know it. At this year’s event we’ll focus on IoT solutions across six areas: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Innovation & Technology and Business Transformation to look into the future of the application of IoT technology to industry.

● Is this the first IoT Solutions World Congress event?

IoT Solutions World Congress is now established as the global leader in industrial IoT events following last year’s inaugural event. The IoT Solutions World Congress has already established itself as the leading global event focusing on industrial IoT. Last year we featured 120 top experts, 88 exhibiting companies and 4,500 visitors from 53 countries.

● What’s new at this year’s event?

This year the conference will be even bigger, with over 200 key players in the industry speaking, including Derek O’Halloran (Head of IT, World Economic Forum) Michael Raynor (Director, Monitor Deloitte), and Sam George (Director, Azure IoT, Microsoft), among many others.

With the help of industry leaders we’ll be investigating cutting edge topics in the application of IoT technology to industry. We’ll be looking at big issues such as what the factory of the future looks like – a subject that’s already generated a great deal of speculation. We’ll also examine how robotics and digitalisation can transform manufacturing.

Other sessions will look at how smart health devices empower employees and patients whilst improving hospital efficiency as well as how IoT is revolutionising transportation systems.

As well as featuring keynotes from top thought leaders in the area, we’ll host a dedicated testbed and experimentation area that allows organisations experience the most advanced solutions in person and also to collaborate to find innovative solutions to problems.

We’ll be hosting an awards gala for exhibitors to recognise the most impactful and innovative industrial IoT projects across seven categories; these include best solutions for manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and energy.

● Anything to add for those thinking of attending?

For anyone who’s thinking of joining is, IoT Solutions World Congress will be an unmissable event this year. We hope you join us for this opportunity to meet the industry’s thought leaders, showcase your solutions to key decision makers and check out the latest innovations from global industrial companies.

Autor: Roger Bou Garriga

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