Speak to as many people as you can when looking to set up your businesses

IntroStream helps companies connect with B2B technology solution providers through our index and challenges

Please introduce yourself and your startup IntroStream to our readers!
IntroStream is a platform to helps companies connect with B2B technology solution providers through our index and challenges. Our index of B2B technology solutions is free to search therefore providing one place for companies to find a range of solutions.

Many companies don’t understand what technology solutions can do and our challenge function helps them generate ideas and connect them to our members. A company posts a challenge on our site providing our members with the opportunity to pitch their solution ideas. This helps companies understand what solutions are relevant for their business and showcases the services of our members.

How did you get the idea to IntroStream?
I have worked for a global professional advisory firm for 18 years and recognised an increasing desire from my clients to find and connect with technology. Traditionally, when companies looked for technology solution providers they would ask a friend for recommendations or use google. With an increasing range of technology solutions available in the market today, this approach is no longer efficient. I found myself increasing connecting technology companies to my clients following meetings by email and there wanted to make this process more efficient.

IntroStream was created to help companies finding a technology provider and generate opportunities for technology businesses.

IntroStream technology solution business B2BHow difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
One of our key initial challenges was deciding on the look and feel of the platform. We have two different types of users being Members (B2B Technology businesses) and companies looking for technology solutions. We spent significant time talking to our target markets and gaining valuable feedback and suggestions. The input we received was essentially in creating a platform which worked for our target audience.

The initial scaling of the business was also a challenge we had to overcome. We needed to have Members in order to attract challenges from companies. The support we received from the technology sector has been fantastic to date. The businesses who know me trusted in the platform and what we would deliver. This helped us overcome this early hurdle.

Who is your target audience?
We have two types of users:
Our members are any B2B technology solution businesses.
Users of our site are companies looking for technology solutions for their business. Our challenges are from a range of businesses, large through to SME’s. This is great as it provides all our members with the opportunity to pitch and connect with companies.

What is the USP of your startup?
Many platforms which lists technology businesses are focused on startups or funding. Our platform is aimed at helping showcase solutions and proving companies with a resource to find solution providers. Our challenge function is not a request for a proposal. It is a service to enable companies to generate technology solution ideas. Companies often don’t understand technology and want it can actually do for their business. Pitches are limited in size that ensures they are tailored. It also means our members are not spending significant time completing the pitches.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Similar to other businesses, every day is different. A work day is typically split between promoting the platform and improving the platforms functionality. Our team spends time networking with companies, partners and technology business explaining our business and the benefits that it can bring to them.

We are constantly improving the platform with a dedicated development team. Since launching earlier this year we have had great feedback on the platform and strive to constantly improve our user experience.

Where do you see yourself and your startup IntroStream in five years?
We see ourselves as the platform of choice for all companies looking for technology. We will have a platform which showcases the best technology solutions from both the UK and overseas. And we would have hundreds of testimonials from technology businesses and companies in relation to how we have helped their businesses.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Speak to as many people as you can when looking to set up your businesses. The more people you speak to the more ideas you will receive which can really help to shape your business in the early development phase.

The technology sector is unbelievably supportive to fellow companies. Having a large network will help your startup as other founders have been through your journey. The advice and support is invaluable.

Ensure you do things right from the start and always focus on quality. Reputation is essential and ensure you always do what you promise.

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