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Introduce yourself and your startup companies Hungr please!
Hungr is the easy way to a good meal that arrives on time. Unlike the „interactive yellowpages“ like Delivery Hero Hungr is a mobile only experience focused on allowing the user to order from the best delivery restaurants in a matter of seconds.

How the to hungr idea came about How did you come together as a team of founders?
HUNGR is backed by a group of people who just to work at JUST EAT, Lieferheld and iFood. We share the vision of bringing this business model up to date.

From the idea to the start of what were the biggest challenges? How did you finance it?
The bigges tchallenge has been to get technology, operations, marketing and sales coordinated to deliver on all our big ambitions. We have raised €500.000 from people inside the delivery food industry.

Who is the target group of hunger?
Busy urban people.

How to order on hunger?
Via app only! On Hungr you first pick the food, and only after that we will match you up with the best restaurant. This makes for a far easier order flow.

How fast is delivered?
45-60 minutes.

What do the customers say?
Great! Generally users hate the endless restaurants crolling and long menus of the existing players with too big a chance to hit a bad restaurant.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
As we evolve our concept in Germany we are looking to soon roll out internationally focused on major urban cities.

What tips would you give founders on the way?
Take the jump, push forward, and break down the barriers.

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