Hundemaxx is the largest megastore for dog supplies in Germany – and wants to keep expanding

The role of the dog has changed in the past. The former guard or hunting dog has long since become a proper family member that is affectionately cared for, fed, and groomed. This experience was shared by Frank Weber, a businessman from Munich, when puppy Samba, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, moved in with him in 2002. “That little bundle of energy became the center of attention very quickly and completely changed my life: Without Samba, we probably wouldn’t have Hundemaxx today”, Weber explains.

Hundemaxx has enormous range of products for dogs and cats

Frank Weber wasn’t always happy with the availability of pet supplies. “I felt that many locations were lacking personal consultations, a broad range of new and innovative dog supplies, the opportunity to talk with other animal lovers, and food brands with organic ingredients or a quality similar to that of human food.” When he spoke to other dog owners, he quickly realized that he was not alone, which is why he and his wife Nadja von Elm-Weber decided to open Hundemaxx, a megastore with a huge selection of pet supplies. Since 2006, dog owners have been able to shop at two stores in Munich and Nuremberg, and choose from a selection of 35,000 products spread out over 3000 m². The selection ranges from newest trends and appropriate products such as e.g. raw meat (so-called “B.A.R.F.”) to accessories including e.g. collars and blankets. Frank Weber and his team want “dogs to feel just as welcome at Hundemaxx as their owners”. Cat needs are also taken into consideration in the megastores: A specific department called Katzenmaxx offers various types of food, toys and scratching posts.

Hundemaxx provides animal lovers with a real shopping experience and exhibits a holistic view
However, Hundemaxx founder Frank Weber does not need to always have the largest selection of products. “We want to guarantee a shopping experience and a holistic perspective in terms of our dogs’ needs. We can achieve this by collaborating closely with dog trainers, physiotherapists, alternative practitioners and dog groomers as well as by offering seminars conducted by our experienced animal experts. We want humans and animals to feel happy in our stores”, Frank Weber adds. The concept has been a success: Total gross revenues in both stores was more than EUR 6 million in 2015. The stores cover areas with a radius of more than 100 km. Revenues have been increasing by 25% every year since 2006. In 2015, 160,000 customers visited both stores. Hundemaxx also offers its products via a pan-European online shop.

Additional growth to be achieved through crowdfunding
Frank Weber is reacting to changes in the pet supply market with a new business plan and wants to enter uncharted territory with his growth strategy as well: Hundemaxx is planning to develop the existing megastores and, in a second step, wants to expand to other major cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. He wants to achieve this growth with the help of the crowd. Today at 12 p.m. CET on leading platform Companisto (, Hundemaxx will launch an equity crowdfunding campaign for a venture loan, a loan with 8% annual interest and four years to maturity. Equity-based crowdfunding means that many people team up to provide venture capital to a start-up or growth company such as Hundemaxx. With the help of the investors, Hundemaxx wants to further expand the online shop and improve communication with the physical stores.

Picture Copy: Barbara Bindl

Overview of the equity crowdfunding campaign with background information :

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