Higher! Further! The HTGF invests in the Munich based drone startup FairFleet

Booking a complex drone flight in just 30 seconds? The one-stop-shop for drone services FairFleet makes it possible.

FairFleet covers the entire value chain from flight booking to data analysis in a full-service approach. Customers benefit from an uncomplicated inquiry, fast feedback, a transparent pricing model and legal security for all bookings. From now on the HTGF is joining as co-pilot.

From DJI to home made

Modern drones have become true all-rounders in the recent years. Today, they are also used for inspections and a wide variety of analyses. Not only do they provide more accurate and more comprehensive datasets, they are also more efficient and secure in terms of execution. The fields of application are diverse: FairFleet operates its services in industries such as real estate, insurance, energy, agriculture and large infrastructure projects. The industry more and more appreciates the accurate and high-quality data processing of aerial images which are captured with various sensors.

The one-stop-shop for drone services

As a full-service provider, FairFleet covers the entire process for its customers via their platform: from booking, airspace approval, pilot management, aerial survey to data analysis. FairFleet CEO Florian Waubke: “In a holistic approach, we take away all the complexity associated with drone flights and the potential legal uncertainties from our customers. With standardized products, we would like to continuously expand the potential applications for drones.”

FairFleet’s platform enables to offer both: drone flights to a broad target group in a mass market approach and – in the future – the management of autonomous flights. With over 1,600 verified and professional pilots in over 42 countries, FairFleet offers the largest European network. FairFleet guarantees the highest quality standards – both in terms of technology used and licensed pilots.

Dr. Olaf Joeressen, investment manager from High-Tech Gründerfonds: “Transforming a complex product into a simple service has often been the starting point for exponential growth and large companies. I believe FairFleet, as a full-service provider, is perfectly positioned to generate such growth and become the market leader in Europe and beyond.” FairFleet is looking forward to join the HTGF portfolio, one of the leading VCs in Germany. FairFleet CEO Florian Waubke: “For our customers, it is a direct investment in our products and a strengthening of the vision to offer drone services even better and more comprehensively in the future.”

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Source: High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH

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