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How do I choose the ideal office location as a startup?

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The ideal office location as a startup company 

The choice of the ideal office location as a startup can be decisive for the success of your company. Therefore, we cannot refer to a single specific location that is perfect for everyone. You must therefore specify the search to ensure that the office meets all your requirements. 

However, you may not always find an office that meets all your requirements, in which case it’s a matter of weighing up to make the right decision. Don’t forget to do your research. If you are surrounded by successful companies in an environment with the right image, the right infrastructure, the right sales market, the right people and the right training, this will contribute significantly to the success of your startup. In this article we will help you as much as we can along the way. 

Choose an office that fits the image of your company. 

The importance of the appearance of an office building and the specific office space is often underestimated. Every organisation has its own identity, which is underlined by the choice of accommodation. The right office will further underline your identity and contribute to your image. For example, if you are in an extremely luxurious building, it can make a very different first impression on your customers than in a hip and young community office. Several points to consider when looking for the ideal office location as a startup are: 

  • The first impression customers get when they see the office
  • Accessibility of the building 
  • The image of the city/area in which the office is located
  • The visibility of the building and possibly your logo
  • An interior that matches your image 

What facilities should the area have? 

For some startups it is important to rent an office with the right infrastructure. Think of fibre-optic internet, when your startup uses a large amount of data and does intensive video streaming. If this is important for your business, multiple options will be eliminated. The technical and informational infrastructure can vary greatly from area to area. An old town can therefore sometimes be less suitable than a modern business parc where the infrastructure is new and perfect.  

In addition, some cities are known for a certain character. If you look at Germany, Hamburg is of course a big port city. So, if transportation is a big part of your business, it might be advisable to rent an office in Hamburg instead of renting an office in Munich. Berlin, for example, is known for its startup scene. 

  • Is accessibility important? 
  • Is a high bandwidth necessary? 
  • Which characteristics are important for your location? 

The accessibility of your office building

Either way, the accessibility of your office is important for you and your customers. However, not every office has to be centrally located in the city centre. It depends on the specific points that are important for your startup. 

For example, if you only have a few customers stopping by at your office, you can focus on your own needs and those of your employees. If everyone arrives by car, it makes sense to settle near a motorway entrance. Exept all employees are mainly travelling by public transport, you should look for a train station nearby. 

If, for example, the sales department is travelling through the whole country, it is important to choose a central location or the proximity to an airport. 

  • Consider your customers and employees
  • Is it a good location to attract talent and employees?
  • Consider your target audience
  • Are there parking spaces? 
  • Where are your competitors located?

Do you have an international company and do you expect to travel a lot? Then choose to rent an office at Frankfurt Airport, for example. 

Office rent and charges 

It goes without saying that the costs of an office are an important factor when it comes to the decision of the location. Appearance, status and demand at a certain location influence the price per unit, m² or per workstation. Buying an office is often not an option and rents in desirable locations are often very high. However, this can still be the right choice for your startup.  

Here are some points to keep in mind when considering this: 

  • Is the cost of the location worth it? (e.g. because it’s easy to attract talent and employees) 
  • Are the travel costs or parking on site very high? 
  • Are there specific legal regulations for this location? 
  • Does the office still need to be renovated? 
  • Is it possible to receive certain grants from the municipality? (Municipalities sometimes do this to advertise a location) 

A platform like can of course be of help to you and will be happy to take stock of the various possibilities for the ideal office location as a startup.


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