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Heelight- smart bulb with 30 modes and 16 million RGB colors

Please introduce yourself and your startup Heelight to our readers!
I am Oliver Sun, the CEO of MicroNovelty. Our company focuses on promoting and developing micro innovations. Heelight is one of the extraordinary products of our brand. It is the smart bulb that differs from those in the market. Normally smart bulbs rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Zigbee to operate, but Heelight just require you to scan the QR code or download an app. With 30 modes and 16 million RGB colors, Heelight provides you a totally fresh experience.

How did you get the idea to Heelight?
Since Edison came up with incandescent bulb, the relationship between human beings and light has never been so close. But people gradually begin to take this bright world for granted. So we created Heelight, a unique smart bulb that sensitively react to the environment. By changeful modes and multiple colour options, we wanted to reawaken people the value of light and rebuild the intimate relationship between the light, this wonderful world that light promoted and us.(Heelight is a product that we discovered and cooperated with another team)

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Heelight is a product we found and work with another team, so we aren’t able to answer this question in details.

Why did you choose a Crowdfunding funding?
Because when we put Heelight into the market, we will need the factory to produce a certain amount of Heelight. We choose Crowdfunding to gain a reputation for it to enter the market. According to our previous products launched Crowdfunding campaign which had received mass successes, we prefer this way to introduce Heelight to our audience and customers. This can be the easiest and the most direct way to let the public know about Heelight.

What do you want to achieve with the Crowdfunding funding?
MicroNovelty not only focuses on Heelight, we focus on all micro innovations. Through the platform of Crowdfunding, we would like people to know Heelight and know about MicroNovelty. Then our brand is going to work on more innovative products like Heelight for our audience and supporters

Why should people invest in Heelight?
“Smart Home” has been brought up for several years but never got actually achieved in the real life. The problem is that smart devices with new technique usually cost too much and are difficult to operate. So it’s not easy for the public to accept. Heelight uses voice control chip with relatively low cost. It may be the pioneer of “Smart Home” to contribute to both your daily use and romantic needs.

Who is your target audience?
Heelight can be applied to multiple occasions. It’s capable for daily use like reading, night lamb, and it can also set the mood for special moments like birthday, Christmas, and Halloween. So both practical housewives who want to take care of their children and young fashion insiders will be in favor of Heelight.

What is the USP of your startup?
Heelight can get rid of comprehensive operations relied on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee. It’s independent. Secondly, Heelight is unique with its 30 modes. There are many possibilities to apply it in various situations as long as you need light.It’s just as smart as you can imagine.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Have a daily meeting
Give assignments to my staff
Discuss the paper work of Heelight
Test the stability of Heelight

Where do you see yourself and your startup Heelight in five years?
MicroNovelty is a crowdfunding brand who wants to be the agency of new innovative companies and individuals. We collect ideas and prototypes, and we develop and promote these micro innovations so that there’s no need for them to hire expensive marketing team overseas. In five years, we would like to become a reliable platform for introducing and delivering unique innovations like Heelight. We believe there are endless fantastic ideas and designs for us to discover of the globe. We are just lack of a platform like MicroNovelty.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
1. Try to reduce the cost and the risks
2. Find a product that will bring you high profit
3. Be innovative

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Thank you Oliver Sun for the Interview

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