HealthyRoad’s Mobile APP detects drivers falling asleep


HealthyRoad launches the first mobile app that detects drivers falling asleep, using for this purpose the latest facial biometric technology. HealthyRoad’sapp uses the frontal camera to monitor the driver in real time.

HealthyRoad is a Portuguese Startup, incubated at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of University of Porto(, that is developing a facial biometric technology with the support of BMW. “In Europe, the cause of 1/3 of the road crashes is distraction and 20% to 25% is caused by drowsiness. The amount of crashes caused by these two aspects is increasing, and the drivers are not aware of that. We think that solving these problems is critical for the society, in order to reduce the road rage that we have nowadays”, refers André Azevedo, co-founder of HealthyRoad.

The company was created with the mission to reduce road crashes, through the development of innovative technologies that enable the measurement of the driver’s behaviour. “We believe that with the launch of this mobile app, all the drivers can seamlessly increase their safety during their driving journeys”, explains the Co-founder.

The application will use the frontal camera of the Android device in order to measure the driver’s behaviour. If the driver falls asleep or if he is distracted, the app will alert him in order to wake him up or to try to get is focus back again on the road.
HealthyRoad’smobile app is free and is available for download on the Play Store

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