Dream big. Be realistic. Be resilient.

HappyDown the UK’s first craft cocktails in a can

Please introduce yourself and your startup HappyDown to our readers!
My name is Paritosh Bhandari and I am the Co-Founder of Tipple Brands. We are on a mission to rescue the consumer from the artificial and the ordinary. Fed up with boring and synthetic tasting Premixes and RTDs, we are seriously challenging the status quo in the category and have introduced a new-age Crafted Alcoholic Refreshment : HAPPYDOWN™.

How did you get the idea to HappyDown?
Being avid drinkers ourselves, we were appalled to see the repertoire in the Premix/RTD space. The entire category was marred by synthetic tasting, artificial style, sugary overloaded AlcoPops. The consumers were moving towards more authentic and craft offerings across the F&B spectrum but this particular category didn’t seem to offer any of those. We decided to disrupt the space by offering a handcrafted, natural flavoured, adult-oriented, fruit flavoured premix drink to the discerning consumer and that was the genesis of HappyDown™. It was all about creating a flavourful, crafted alcoholic premixed beverage that was in sync with the changing preferences and tastes of the millennial consumer.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
It hasn’t been an easy journey at all. The fundamental challenge was to create a drink that would really disrupt an existing category dominated by global players. We worked with world’s top flavor houses and experts, over two years, to develop the range. It went through 100s and 1000s of rejected recipes and tweaks. Then came the major challenge of raising initial funding – no one was willing to bet on an idea, everyone wanted a proof of concept. We must have pitched to at least 100 investors.

We then had to find someone who could do smaller production quantities. Then came a significant difficulty i.e. finding and pitching to the right decision makers in off and on Trade. In the three years of brand development, we went through everything – from leaving a high paying job to selling the house to eventually launching the brand living out of suitcase and AirBnB’s!

Who is your target audience?
20-35, Men/Women who value experiences over things. Tech savvy, living in urban villages, multicultural, connected, experimental, on-trend, on-the-go and about-the-town.

What is the USP of your startup?
HappyDown™ is UK’s 1st crafted sparkling canned cocktails (in a can) brand. Two years in the making, these award winning blends have been created with the help of world’s leading flavour experts in the UK. HappyDown™ marries two adult oriented, premium fruit flavours and infuses them with a herb or a spice. With three innovative blends on offer : Raspberry Pomegranate infused with Basil; Lemon Cucumber infused with Mint; and Lychee Guava infused with Chilli, these yummy drinks are made with all natural flavours, have zero preservatives, are gluten free, good for vegans and have no added sugar.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
The day starts with broad plan review of major tasks ahead. It’s then following up on each of the line items with respective stakeholders. Sometimes, it is reviews of business performance (sales/financials, etc.) and chalking out the strategy for the future. If I have meetings, I try and cram them up to make the day productive – then I am on the road almost the whole day. I also keep a daily tab on social media and engaging with our audience. So all in all, I try and extract as much positive outcome from a typical workday as possible.

Where do you see yourself and your startup HappyDown in five years?
Our vision is to create a global craft brand. Our current focus is the UK and the Premix/RTD category but over the next 5 years, we will become a multi locational – multi product company. Our aim is to become a profitable, GBP 100 Million value entity in 5 years from now.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Dream big. Be realistic. Be resilient.
Have ample monies to back your idea. You will need to invest ahead of the curve.
Execution is everything. Numbers are the key.

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Thank you Paritosh Bhandari for the Interview

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