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Geosatis has developed a new generation of electronic ankle bracelet

Please introduce yourself and your Geosatis to our readers!
A safer society, without the crushing cost of mass imprisonment. That’s the goal Geosatis is working to achieve.
Geosatis is a Swiss high-tech company developing, manufacturing and marketing an advanced Electronic Monitoring (EM) solution built around an innovative offender tracking ankle bracelet.
Geosatis has developed a new generation of electronic ankle bracelet that has a rigid structure, the bracelet is particularly robust and less prone to being removed voluntarily or accidentally. Ruggedly durable, and capable of supporting the full range of supervisory functions agencies are asking for, including location, behavioral, and biometric monitoring. The GPS bracelet can be used as a standalone device and additionally as an RF device.

How did you get the idea to Geosatis?
Jails and prisons are in a state of overcapacity and the penitentiary system is looking for valuable alternative solutions to efficiently and securely control offenders. As in many countries in the world, the nation’s correctional system lags the growth of the inmate population, and is often unable to keep up with the influx of new inmates. Building new prisons or adding new cells to existing prisons would not solve recurring problems.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Making a name for ourselves in a market dominated by big players was challenging. We came with a revolutionary idea and concept, we wanted to make the difference and impact the market. We focus on our successes while continuing to build, we never surrender. We keep the momentum. It takes guts and a huge amount of discipline to say “no” to opportunities that come up, we believe in our mission and we stick to our values, that allows to grow as company and as a team.

Who is your target audience?
Our core business is oriented towards governements, probation centers, prisons and police.

What is the USP of your startup?
Geosatis technologies empowers the correctional system and the nation at large with a new paradigm: lower incarceration costs while allowing the offender to lead an economically productive life. Our ground breaking techonology: We are the only company on the market to provide a complete solution for all stakeholders and we have a strong believe that the fture is to provide predictive rehabilitation.
Our solution offers a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional penitentiary options and improves offender rehabilitation. We have received numerous awards for our unique and patented technology. Geosatis solution allows secure and accurate personal monitoring.

1. Patented, solid structure, with optimum quality and reliability.
2. Simple and easy operation, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).
3. Latest developments in GPS/Galileo technologies (developed with the European Space Agency).
4. Sensors to understand the activity and behavior of the offender.
5. Victim protection smartphone app (for domestic violence and enforcement of judicial decisions).
6. Comprehensive software platform providing a turnkey solution to cover all aspects of monitoring and rehabilitation.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Ideally I would answer: having a routine of some sort matters. But the reality is: We extinguish fires all day long, what I mean by that is that we prioritize from super urgent to super important. Answering emails, maintain our investors updated, regular communication with our customers, R&D, meetings, appointments, etc… At the end of the day: I quote Benjamin Franklin: “What good have we done today?”

Where do you see yourself and your start-up in five years?
I got out there and I achieved my goals, but did I achieve my dream? I never stop dreaming and seeing what is there to be done to improve society’s. I want to lead my company to make a difference in the system and in society.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Dream Big and follow your dream every single day until you are living the dream every day.
Challenges are the norm and not unique to you and your startup.
No one made it without taking great risks.
Focus on getting your product right where you want it for your users, and grow it from there.

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