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PROBLEM: Eating unhealthy and poor nutrition are determinant factors in: obesity, psoriasis, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases. My daughter Anda has psoriasis. Hundreds of millions of patients need to change their eating pattern, to cover their specific nutritional needs if they don’t want to die sooner.

SOLUTION: EVERYBODY will have access to a DIGITAL PLATFORM for FREE to find out what they didn’t know about themselves, the EXACT FOOD QUANTITIES INTAKE and if it is the case which NUTRIENT NEED TO BE SUPPLEMENTED, to cover their NUTRITIONAL NEEDS.

Using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and a PATENT PENDING ALGORITHM that takes into consideration:


ü  Nutrigenetic profile

ü  Genetic screening

ü  Preferred food

ü  Intolerance food

ü  Basal metabolism

ü  Physical activity

ü  Maximum admitted nutrients intake

ü  Personal weight objective: decrease/maintain/increase

ü  Body proportion of fat/water/muscles

Anda found out that she:
  • needs more Vitamin B12 and less Omega 6 then the standard nutritional needs
  • has a high risk of hemochromatosis, she retains Iron in liver, heart and other valuable information.


MARKET: We are active in 2 markets:

  • Global genetic and microbiome testing, in 6 years will be triple, reaching 400 million
  • Global nutritional consultancy, 15 billion in 2018

COMPETITION: Many competitors want to enter the game:

Nutrition consultancy apps: MyDiary, FitnessPal, MyPlate

Genetic testing: 23andMe, Pathway Genomics, Pure, DNAFit

GenetX has 4 worldwide unique COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES in both markets:

  • Genetic testing: Most comprehensive portfolio, provide exact qty. of nutrients for a pregnant woman, provide a nutritional therapeutic solution, include screening for cancer and other diseases
  • Nutrition consultancy apps: Completely new personalized genetic approach, No daily data insertion, No meal plans, Determination of nutrients deficiencies

TEAM: 2 International recognized specialists in nutrigenetics, MD, PhD; 1 IT Project manager; 1 Business Administration & Operations specialist; 1 Sale and Product development

BUSINESS MODEL: FREE access to EVERYBODY at the digital platform to find necessary food/nutrients to cover STANDARD (no need for genetic test) or PERSONALIZED nutritional needs.

  1. Medical doctors, nutritionists, dietitians will improve their service quality.
  2. Smart consumers will have the possibility to find solutions on their own

To be able to identify PERSONALIZED nutritional needs, they need to perform genetic and microbiome tests and this sale will be our revenue.

In the last 6 months in Romania, we succeed to build a network of 40+ partners (nutritionists, dietitians, and medical doctors) and sale 160 genetic tests.

Anda decreased the intake of food that contains Iron and increases the food which contains vitamin B12 and other, according to her nutrigenetic profile and she has no psoriasis and she knows to PREVENT

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