From modeling clay, art and innovation

How an artist lastly found his life’s work in Berlin while being on a world tour.

Normally, the typical image of a startup founder is characterized by trendy clothes and a parlance like “scalable business model” or “fast-growing niche market”. And not to forget that going to a party is called a kind of “networking”.

But the fascination radiating from a startup founder is not the fact that he pursues the latest trends – it is the uniqueness of his or her history, personality, self-sacrifice and the courage to follow his convictions.

While most children playing outside and romped around, Miguel was fascinated by the aesthetics of movement. With 8 years, he already spent his free time in Stop-Motions, where he formed shapes with modeling clay and captured every movement as a picture to later convert it into a movie. The union of art and film was the greatest thing for him.

Raised in Mexico City, he could live his artistic passion with 17 years, inter alia through painting. Eventually he decided to go to Europe, where he studied artistic photography in France.But something was missing … his work was lacking the motion.
As destiny decided, he became a nationally known television presenter and producer in Mexico, while he finished his studies in communication for audiovisual media.

Nevertheless Miguel had a different idea about his future. After 8 years he quit his job, sold everything and left his home with nothing but a suitcase and one idea: following hisdreams. But where to look for this aesthetics?He went to Spain to study sculpture for two years and then, once again destiny had some surprises for him that would take him to a great city in which we would finally find what he was looking for, his great wife and aesthetic.

It was in Berlin – a city full of contradictions and tensions between history and future, from which the present creative landscape formed. Here Miguel Angel Moreno Gelly found the right environment to live out his fascination of aesthetics, movement and functionality.
At the beginning, he developed GecoCase out of his own needs to indulge in his passion of Stop-Motions. But over time, GecoCase grew beyond a simple gimmick. Meanwhile it’salready a welcome addition to any smartphone.

While Miguel uses GecoCase as a video tripod, his wife can catch many wonderful memories with their child Noah thanks to the selfie function. He maintains the connection with his family in Mexico regular via Skype video calls. The stand feature facilitates this tremendously.
“I am well aware of how lucky I am to be able to collect all these impressions in my life and share them with my wonderful family. Now I want to share this happiness with everyone … “says Miguel in respect to his Kickstarter campaign in September 2016.

Further information on the campaign and GecoCase can be found at

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