GameX is a cross-platform game discovery engine

It helps gamers find the perfect game and developers find the perfect gamer. GameX has built technology that looks at a gamers gaming history to recommend games across multiple channels. It is a knowledge centre that learns through interaction.

After the recommendation, the gamer is shown gamers with similar tastes to connect with, developers they should be following and in-depth analytical date about their own gaming playstyle

For developers, GameX is an analytical and advertising tool. Allowing developers to advertise to their target user and learn insights that were previously unknown.

GameX is the first gaming platform to connect and analyse all 4 gaming sectors which is mobile, console, pc and handheld through big data and machine learning technology.

Still young, Gamex has grown rapidly and it’s fan following is global. Gamex has gone through government and private incubator and accelerators and is now ready for the next stage.

Think of all the size and value of data combination sites globally such as trivago, trip advisor. We’ve got one for gaming.

And we’re the first ones to do it. The potential is colossal.

Cathal O Sullivan
Cathal O Sullivan

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