Freecab –Made in France

Freecab – “Made in France” alternative to Uber – is going to change our mindset on how a ride-sharing business should work

This ambitious organization using the multifunctional taxi dispatch service and apps developed by Multi Brains LLC ( is planning to beat Uber starting with the French market relying on a progressive business model. The name Freecab uncovers the concept of the company accenting that it is free to use and be the part of it both for the drivers and the clients.

Having a totally different vision the founder of Freecab Mohammed Radi says: “It’s absolutely unpromising to base your business on fees and commissions. It’s old-fashioned being around for decades. We are now marching towards the new era of partnership reciprocal deals”.

Unlike Uber and its multiple clones this French based organization is going to give freedom to the drivers to manage their own fares and incomes taking 0 (zero) commission or monthly fee. The company will replenish its profit by providing the drivers with self-produced bottled water labeled “Freecab”, car-rental service, bank payments and insurance companies’ partnerships.

It seems that such market giants as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others are using this similar pattern. Myriads of people, joining it absolutely for free, get multiple beneficial instruments. And the companies incredibly prosper by advertising, partnerships, and additional features.

Just imagine you can become a part of some prosperous and recognizable brand without considerable investments being able to evolve and progress.

But wait, there’s more: according to the Freecab founder the company will also provide sky-high service, being the label of trust and security on board. Great attention is paid towards the drivers’ background. So their very strict screening will let the customers ride with the trustworthy driver in a neat suit who will open and close the door for you, offer free-of-charge branded mineral water and umbrella in case of unpleasant weather conditions. More so Freecab doesn’t support the Uber’s surge pricing, so whenever a client needs a taxi, the rates are fixed.

The company aims to take over the world already operating all over Paris, launching in Dubai and Jakarta and working on partnerships around the globe.

To sum it all up looks like Freecab is not going to give up, but definitely provide the potential clients the conditions possible for freedom of choice.

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