A Spanish company revolutionizes market research methods using artificial intelligence

Epinium developed a platform to analyze user reviews in real time

This platform helps you to evaluate market trends and to study competitors.

The Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona has developed an artificial intelligence platform that allows you to analyze user reviews about products or services in real time. So far, user reviews are scattered throughout the Internet, but now, thanks to big data and search robots, brands are able to meet user demands better – with just one click.

The platform developed by Epinium has revolutionized the way market research is done and has been very successful with brands, which see data generation as an opportunity to know of consumer preferences, to adapt to consumer needs, to evaluate market trends and to study competitors’ positioning.

“Market research is vital for any brand and Epinium Analytics has revolutionized the way of doing it”
Kiara Guzmán (Marketing Manager atKärcher Spain)

Thanks to Epinium Analytics, marketing managers, manufacturers and service provider can make quick decisions in order to detect and highlight problems with the product, the marketing message orthe distribution of the product without having to read the whole list of users reviews one by one. After all, the platform of Epinium has been used by more than 20 international brands and it is becoming a reference.

Epinium Analytics also provides data about competitors to cross it with your data and in this way to analyze and to discover market trends. Moreover, Epinium Analytics offers big brands with several product lines the possibility to compare departments in order to see which one is more productive or which one is damaging brand reputation.The platformalso provides information to e-commercein order to increase their conversion rates and thus, their sales.

“Epinium Analytics helps us to know what costumers think about our strategic products and about those of the competitors”
Marcos Viladomiu (Marketing Manager at Logitech Iberica)

In 2015, $44.35 billion have been invested worldwide in market research, which means an increase of 2.2% worldwide. In Spain, the volume of business has grown by 8% arriving at€473 million, with an estimated growth of 3.5% to 4% for 2016.

Until now, consultancies have been hired to study the reputation of a brand or products. Those consultancies have to go through a long and expensive process in order to collect the data necessary: preliminary studies, sample preparation, focus groups etc.

Traditional market research is a static study, that is to say, it is a snapshot of a limited sample. However, Epinium Analytics collects dataof an unlimited sample size in real time and brands can set filters for generating and comparing the data to collect the desired data with just one click.

Nowadays, online reviews are one of the most important factors when making a purchase decision. Before making the purchase we compare products and read online reviews, even if we do not make the purchase in a brick-and-mortar store. As Forbes states, 88% of consumers trust in online reviews as well as recommendations from friends and family. With the growth of online product and service sales thisnumberwill increase even more in the following years.Therefore, it seems to be vital for brands, manufacturers and service providers to know in detail, what is written online.

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