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Your expert of transformation for leadership and sales in development of personality. Lets make decision making easy again.

Helping managers and teams to perform better at work by developing how they make decisions, communicate and interact.

With 20 years of experience in Sales and Leadership, I know, as the initiator and founder of Elementartraining,  how to make staff and customers fall in love with your business and how to create a sustainable transformation for you and your business. If you are prepared to invest in your employees and give them the support they require, you will see returns in the form of greater engagement, real transformation and better team working which all have an impact on the bottom line.


I work with two groups of people: employees and sales professionals to give them the knowledge and skills to better serve their clients and stay at the top of their profession.  And, I also work with leaders and managers to help them create extraordinary results with their staff.

Based in North West Germany (Muenster), I focus mainly on local established and/or fast growing organisations in the retail and manufacturing industry, who value their staff and who see the worth in developing people.


My expertise lies in creating sustainable transformations on both business and personal level. I believe that the key of real success lies in deep transformation. Here my approach is simple: I help people to balance their professional knowledge with the essential interpersonal skills that are required to perform exceptionally, whether managers, leaders, teams or individuals.

My work is based on both applying a deep, understanding of psychology and 20+ years of first hand sales and leadership experience. Put the two together and you get extraordinary results. I don’t do anything that I haven’t tried and tested myself before. Simple.


It all starts with a conversation. Drop me a private message via or visit my website

I am looking forward to you.

Sebastian Arps

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