Diversity that Inspires: The new.New Festival 2018

new.New Festival to take place in Stuttgart in October, featuring a world-class program and an exhibition of up to 200 new and established companies and institutions

startup presentations, talks, workshops, and a variety of interactive attractions offered by established companies… plus digital art and music. This year’s new.New Festival in Stuttgart will offer plenty of variety. Everything at the event, which takes place from October 8 to 10 in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Hall, will revolve around the topic of Intelligence X.0 and the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Supporting program offering plenty of ways to forge networks and gain inspiration

During the festival, some 50 finalists from 15 countries will be taking part in CODE_n CONTEST, the international startup competition which lasts three days. Contestants will unveil a diversity of innovative business models under the banners of Beyond Reality, Machine Intelligence, and Cryptographic Trust. There will also be a world-class supporting program offering a variety of interesting events during the three-day CONTEST. These will include a series of talks by experts at leading companies, universities, and research institutions from no less than 20 countries. Their presentations will cover topics such as AI, VR, and XR. There will also be a number of open panel discussions and interactive workshops on important fields such as AI and innovation processes. These will include the ‘Future Room’ event staged by Harry Gatterer, plus a hackathon. To allow startups at the event to meet up with established companies, there will be a number of networking events such as speed dating sessions. This will also be an ideal opportunity for different innovators to explore potential partnerships.

Human issues will also feature prominently during the three-day event. Every morning and afternoon there will be moderated meditation sessions on coping with stress through mindfulness. There will also be daily live music on the Piazza to provide entertainment between networking sessions. Bands appearing at the festival include Fear Josie, a new duo from Mannheim, and an indie electronic band from Stuttgart called Eau Rouge.

Festival partners set to provide visitors with new ways to look at things

The partners of the tech event will also open people’s eyes to different possibilities. An exhibition will be staged by the initiative karlsruhe.digital. The aim of the exhibition is to broaden visitors’ outlook with the aid of works of art and science. The renowned ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe will be showcasing exhibits from its current exhibition on Open Codes. The exhibits examine the nature of a world increasingly dictated by data. At the first day of the new.New Festival partner Fraunhofer will be staging a Science Night, promising some exciting insights into digital transformation in society, at four of its institutes – the IAO, IPA, IGB, and IBP. Overall, the series of activities organized by the partners to the event will directly involve visitors in the festival in a number of ways.

Nearly 200 new companies, established firms, and other institutions will be appearing at the event – among them eight StartupBW accelerators, a variety of innovation initiatives offered by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, plus multiple traditional companies showcasing their innovative programs and inventiveness at the event. This underscores the diversity of the different partners taking part in the festival and how important this diversity is in shaping the nature of digitization.

“The emphasis at the new.New Festival lies in the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Our aim is to think systematically through an exciting question: Where will people feature in all of this? We’d also like to look beyond individual disciplines and think outside the tech box, which is why we’re also topping up the festival program with music and art. Diversity and achieving a balance in life are important prerequisites for developing new business models and coming up with innovations,” states Moritz Gräter, CEO of CODE_n.

Humanoid robot Sophia to open festival with state minister

To commence proceedings for the three-day international event, the tech festival will be jointly opened by Sophia, the humanoid robot, and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. The 50 finalists of the CODE_n CONTEST will also present their ideas on the first day of the festival in a series of Top 50 Startup presentations, which will take place in front of a mixed audience on the event stage. After this, the top ten entrants will be asked to present in startup pitches on the Tuesday morning, an ideal opportunity to win over the jury of VIPs. The prize winners will be announced in the evening as part of the official award show. The total prize money for the CODE_n Awards amounts to €30,000.


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