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The only way you can see the results is when you stay consistent

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Sabine Elsässer
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Dhurina online services to students from all parts of the country with the best state experts.

Please introduce yourself and your startup Dhurina to our readers!

Ajay Singh Rathore, a co-founder and CEO of Dhurina Ventures.Previously, worked as a P.O. in the State Bank of India and served as a Co-Founding member of the Exam Block where my key responsibility was to provide offline study material to students. What moved me to take this initiative is when I was a student myself, I faced difficulties in finding good content at prices that I could afford. Dhurina Ventures Private Limited, founded in June-2019 is an e-Learning platform for state, regional and central level competitive exams. It aims to bestow quality education for students across the nation, with a lot of focus on candidates from Tier-III, rural areas and specially-aided students. We offer online services to students from all parts of the country with the best state experts.

How did you get the idea of Dhurina?

While I was preparing for my Bank PO exam, which is an important competitive exam in the banking sector I could not find any affordable resources. Since I belong to a small city myself, it was not possible for me to study from where I was and moving out for study is often heavy on pockets for a lot of families. I wanted that to change for the next generations. So I got the idea of doing something that helps them.

Why did you decide to start with Dhurina ?

I wanted to make sure that students are not facing difficulty in preparation for any of the competitive exams so I got the idea of developing an app where we can solve the problem of inadequate resources. What is the vision behind Dhurina Ventures? The vision was to reach as many students as I could in my own state and countrywide with the best possible content and educators for all of them. We started just with the state of Haryana and now we have about 8 states covered and further are planning an expansion in other regions of India too.

How difficult was the start and which challenges did you have to overcome?

In the beginning, one of the major problems that we faced was regarding the technical aspects of the application. We were providing online content and keeping in mind our target audience we had to see how we can do the same in a way that the internet problems faced do not interrupt the learning for them. The most difficult was to make videos that consumed fewer data. Another problem that we faced was regarding the set up of studio as we neither had knowledge nor that kind of money for the same.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience consists of aspirants from mainly tier 2 & 3 cities, rural areas and anyone who faces issues in finding helpful resources. 

What is the USP of your startup?

In my opinion, providing content for state-level examinations that is not that easy to find elsewhere makes us stand apart. Also, we provide free services to our students. If we see some students struggling with paying for the courses we refund the money or adjust as per their wishes.

Can you describe your typical workday?

My day starts with a lot of research on what is happening in and around the industry, what is the need of the hour and communicating with my team mates as to what is to be done. Planning for the future and coordinating the work according to the previous plans we carry in mind for the day/week/month. Interviews with various teachers/YouTubers, meetings with our clients and investors, a follow up is done at the end of the day.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Dhurina Ventures in five years?
In the coming years we are looking forward to expansion in the southern and eastern parts of India and add as many exams as we can on pur application.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

No idea is small or irrelevant. If you feel like a change can be brought by your efforts, put your best into it and there will be surely be success. So giving up is not an option!
taying consistent will always help you grow in life, like it is said “the only way you can see the results is when you stay consistent”.
“Build a team so strong, that you don’t know who the boss is”. Moving forward with everyone is what makes it easy to succeed

Thank you Ajay Singh Rathore for the Interview

Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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