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First of all, done is better than perfect!

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Sabine Elsässer
Sabine Elsässer is founder and chief editor of the StartupValleyNews Magazine. She started her career at several international direct sale companys. Since 2007 she works main time as a journalist. While that time she learned more about the Startup Scene, what made her start her own Startup Magazine the StartupValleyNews.

Dein Bierwerk brew delicious beer at home

Please introduce your startup Dein Bierwerk to our readers!
Dein Bierwerk specializes in making quality beer making kits that anyone can use to brew their own great tasting beer right in their own kitchen, without having to buy any expensive gear. Our goal is to make brewing easy and fun for anyone who enjoys a great beer, regardless of their experience level.
We believe that the heart of craft beer and its rich variety of beers, can best be enjoyed by mixing your own fresh malt, hops and yeast and finally serving your creation to your friends and family. We don’t help people brew just any beer, we help them make great beer.

How was the idea of Dein Bierwerk born?
Back in 2014, I was visiting some friends Vancouver, who ordered me an India Pale Ale and introduced me to the world of craft beer. I was amazed, and upon returning sought out some of these beer styles in Germany, but they were hard to find back then. My first thought was to make it myself and that’s where things got interesting.
The internet was filled with brewing kits using powders, syrups, big white pails resembling equipment needed on a fishing expedition, and they brewed between 20-30 litres. Since I had a small kitchen an no large pots, this was not an option for me. That’s why I developed the Braulab, which is not only more practical, but also uses things you’ve already got lying around in your kitchen.
It’s reusable, produces 7 Litres of beer and we use only freshly crushed malts, various hops and quality yeast. We wanted to make a kit that is extremely easy for anyone to use and that’s evident in the final product and a growing number or refill flavors.

What were your greatest challenges until now and how have you financed your idea?
Being new to the start-up scene, the pre-launch time was the most energy consuming. I balanced a full time job during the day, and my nights were spent building an online shop, designing packaging, sewing grain bags and oh yes… brewing beer. Apart from that, I’d say that getting past the idea, that everything needs to be perfect, was a constant challenge.
Until now, my wife and I have financed the project ourselves, but we’re working on more investment opportunities in order to take things to the next level.

How has your startup developed so far?
Since day one, we focused on having every Braulab or order packaged and sent perfectly. Once the product side of things was working well, we focused our energy outwards to reaching our target audience. We’re also in the process of getting our Braulabs sold in local Craft Beer shops.

What is Dein Bierwerk target audience?
The quick answer is anyone who enjoys beer and is curious about and how it’s made. However, we’ve focused our attention more to craft beer drinkers, who see it as something to experience and enjoy, much like a good whiskey or gin.

Which beer can everybody Do it yourself brew?
At the moment, we offer three types of beer. Our Explorer IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is the first style we made. It has a very strong hop aroma, thanks to Chinook and Cascade hops and has a nice golden color. Urban Gold Wheat Beer was our second style, is based the classic Hefeweizen. And last but not least, Pacific Coast Brown Ale, which is my personal favorite

How is the feedback?
At first I was nervous, but it didn’t take long for people share their experience with us, and we were more than happy. People found it very easy to use and loved the final results.

Where will you be taking TABLET gecko? Where do you want to be in five years?
We’ll be focusing on scaling up to reduce individuals costs and gain visibility, which also means moving to new larger location to keep up. With the craft beer market really starting to take foot in Germany, I think the interest in home brewing will also grow, so we hope to be well positioned not only in Germany, but in DACH as well.

Finally: Which 3 tips would you give founders?
First of all, done is better than perfect! Doing a good job is important, but don’t let it hold you back from moving forward. Secondly, Networking. I often find myself talking to someone about the project, which surprisingly proved to be a big opportunity or connected me to some else who could help. So make sure you’ve got business cards or a flyer handy at all times. Lastly, be dedicated. Building a Start-up is not easy, and there will be plenty of challenges and headaches. No one goes from zero to hero overnight.

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