CUBE Launches as Bridge Between Startups and Industry

Sets Bar High With 1M Euro Cash Award for Best Startup

Berlin-based global ecosystem that brings industry and startups together


CUBE, the global digital transformation ecosystem, officially launched today at the start of the Berlin Web Week. Simultaneously, it announced the biggest ever cash prize for a startup competition. CUBE is a global tech ecosystem that aims to promote, create and foster partnerships
between industry players and startups worldwide. Born out of existing industry needs, CUBE focuses on cross industries ranging from life sciences to manufacturing, supported by key industry players like Bayer and Volkswagen.

Speaking about the new initiative, Torsten Oelke, Executive Chairman , said: “Just as the Eiffel Tower once represented the first industrial revolution, CUBE aims to represent today the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As an ecosystem, we are connecting all the different dots of today’s innovation globally: startups, institutions and key industries.”

Bayer, Volkswagen and Messe Berlin Are Supporting the Global Ecosystem

“CUBE is based on the demand of industry players, such as Volkswagen, to have a platform which brings the industry together with startups. We believe that CUBE identifies the ideas that will shape our future and enable key players to work together so that ideas are turned into products and solutions,” commented Martin Hofmann, CIO of Volkswagen AG, co-initiator and global founder partner .

As official partner, the Messe Berlin GmbH is especially involved in the preparation and provision of the new annual CUBE Tech Fair (10.-12. May 2017) that will take place at the CityCube Berlin. The Fair will showcase the pioneering and disruptive innovations and technologies resulting from the CUBE cooperations between startups and the industry throughout the year.

CUBE Challenge: Biggest Ever Cash Prize For a Startup Competition

CUBE’s Oelke also announced the inauguration of the CUBE Challenge, one of the most highly endowed startup prizes worldwide with a net worth of one million Euros in cash. The most innovative startup will see itself rewarded with the full amount, no equity deal attached. The prize will give the winner a high level of independence and will enable it to form partnerships with the industry more easily without having to explain or look for funding. From today onwards, startups can apply to become part of the CUBE program. Besides providing a direct link to the right industry partners, the ecosystem also offers the best of its startups the opportunity to work in the CUBE cooperation space; the participation in one of the Global Touchpoint events, as well as the CUBE Tech Fair Berlin 2017. All qualified startups will have the chance to win the one-million-euro cash prize via

In the upcoming weeks, CUBE will be at great number of industry-relevant events around the world, like NOAH and tools in Berlin, TheEuropas in London, the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, and more.

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