Creathor Venture and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft invest a seven-digit amount in R3 Communications

Creathor Venture and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft invest a seven-digit amount in manufacturer of ultra-reliable communication systems R3 Communications

Creathor Venture, one of the leading European venture capital firms,together withVC FondsTechnologie Berlin, managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft,joins Berlin high-tech start-up R3 Communications as a partner. The investment is part of a pre-series A financing round.

R3 Communications, founded in July 2015, develops ultra-reliable real-time communication systems that are predominantly used in industry 4.0 and internet-of-things applications. R3’s proprietary technology called EchoRing™ circumvents the problems of common wireless communication systems (deficient transmission reliability, latency, and co-existence). It supersedes the expensive, inflexible and complex use of cables in a vast number of scenarios. First cooperation agreements with well-known industry corporations have already been reached.

„With factories becoming smart and flexible, tethered communication will quickly reach the boundaries of functionality. At the same time, existing wireless communication solutions are not ready to take over, as their reliability and latency performance does not suffice industry requirements. Therefore, the need for reliable wireless communication systems that cope with today’s real-time challenges will constantly rise“, explains Dr. Mathias Bohge, founder and managing director at R3 Communications. Today, Berlin electronics company Schleicher Electronic already bases its radio product development onEchoRing™ technology. Bohge’smanaging director colleague Florian Bonanati adds: “Moreover, we have secured promising cooperation projects with worldwide market leaders in the industrial automation sector as well as in the automotive and aviation industry. With Creathor and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft on board we have now the possibility to speed things up while making our technology ready for themarket.“

Gert Köhler, Managing Partner at Creathor Venture,comments: „We are convinced of R3 Communications‘ innovative solution and see great potential for diverse industrial application areas where transfer rate and absolute reliability is of paramount importance, especially in automation, but also in connected vehicles of all kind. We believe that Germany will lead the way when it comes to the development of intelligent industry applications. R3 Communications is well on the way to becoming a very important player in this segment. With the investment, we also strengthen our commitment in the deep tech area.” As a lead investor, Creathor’s management has supported numerous high-tech companies with regard to growth and internationalisation and has accomplished excellent exits with these investments in the past. Some examples include Micronas (developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based sensor and IC system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics) and InfoVista (provider of performance orchestration solutions for effective networks and successful IT transformations).

“The promising cooperations with industry partners and the strong integration in the academia are important success factors for R3 communications. Berlin has developed a competitive ecosystem for wireless technologies. R3 has the ability to become an important part of it. We are very optimistic, that we are able to write another success story for the regional economy”, mentions Clemens Kabel, investment director at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

Christian Weniger, investment manager at Creathor Venture, adds: “It is not only R3 Communications’ proprietary technology that has convinced us, but also the complementary team of founders with their exceptional experience in both research and development and management and consulting.”

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