Friday, December 2, 2022

Clarida Technologies announces a 1 Billion Euro initiative

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Clarida Technologies announces a 1 Billion Euro initiative to eradicate human trafficking and prevent acts of terror 

Clarida Technologies Ltd, a software company offering advanced exploratory data analytics software is thrilled to announce one of the biggest historical initiatives to combat some of the worst problems faced by society worldwide. 

At the Global Sustainability Network summit held at the Vatican on, Robin Poelmans, CEO and founder of Clarida Technologies, announced that Clarida is offering 1 billion EUR of software licenses and training to law enforcement agencies worldwide that are focused on eradicating human trafficking and the prevention of terrorism. Robin commented: “We strongly believe that when a solution to tackle some of the cruelest and most pressing problems on earth is available, high cost, bureaucracy and underfunding should not inhibit progress and leave people working with old fashioned methods against a highly adaptive force at the expense of millions of victims.

I am tired of reading about expensive initiatives that fail, lack of funds and slow adoption of technology while there are solutions with proven value and out-of-box availability. Through our new initiative we take all of these issues out of the equation and at least give all of the agencies that are focused on eradicating human trafficking and preventing terrorism the means to level the playing field, for free.” 

Monsignor Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican backs this new innovative approach to solve global problems and commented: “This new initiative is essential to understand the extension to what Pope Francis has termed both a crime against humanity and a wound caused by the globalisation of indifference, and to provide solutions.” 

Dr. Jonas Poelmans, CTO and founder of Clarida said: “Millions of innocent women and children fall prey to human trafficking gangs every year. The conditions they experience on a daily basis come close to torture. As a high-tech firm at the forefront of innovation in data analytics and artificial intelligence, it is our moral duty to contribute to a solution to eradicate this problem.” 

Dr. Paul Elzinga, distinguished Data Scientist at the Netherlands Police positively recommends the initiative: “This tool offers the Police instruments to validate and optimize knowledge models and research areas such as Jihadism and Human Trafficking. With additional free licenses the Police can apply this technology at scale within the organization resulting in more teams being able to operate with increased efficiency and impact. I recommend all Police organizations to accept this offer from Clarida Technologies.” 

This initiative is valid worldwide and offers official law enforcement, intelligence and defense agencies focused on fighting human trafficking and anti-terrorism the opportunity to apply for the Clarida Excalibur Software suite for free. Clarida furthermore offers a free course to become certified Clarida analyst to all eligible candidates. All initial contact should be made by sending an email to 

About Clarida Technologies: Clarida Technologies is a technology company that offers some of the most advanced exploratory data analytics and machine learning software on the market. Our technology has been used in a wide variety of sectors including law enforcement, hospitals, contact centers, financial institutions and industrial companies. Clarida software is generally used to expose inefficiencies and hidden knowledge from large amounts of heterogeneous data which can subsequently be used to optimize operations. 

Source Clarida Technologies Ltd.

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