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CircleLoop cloud-based phone system for busines

Please introduce yourself and your startup CircleLoop to our readers!
I’m Damian Hanson, co-founder of CircleLoop, a cloud-based phone system for business which allows users to make and receive calls on any device, anywhere in the world, using as many phone numbers as they require.

CircleLoop has been designed for modern-day, smart-thinking small businesses, start-ups, scale-ups and freelancers with its easy to use self-service approach. This ensures cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive desk phones, line rentals and long-term contracts as CircleLoop works completely in ‘apps’ on users’ existing devices.

How did you get the idea to launch CircleLoop?
We believe that small businesses and professionals are confronted with a number of issues when it comes to business telephony, including lack of flexibility, high costs and constant complexities. The ongoing cost of line rentals, contracts and call charges can really put pressure on small businesses.

Because of this, the UK’s telecoms market remains a painful, complex and expensive area for many businesses and many now simply ignore it. Business owners are regularly presented with poor customer experiences from incumbent telecoms vendors who make millions of pounds from their old-school solutions and approaches. Our goal was to provide an alternative, so we developed beautifully designed telephony, delivered in a self-service model, with no ties, no jargon and no complexities.

How difficult was the start and what challenges have you overcome?
The product is now out of its beta stage and we are onboarding new customers quickly. In terms of challenges that we have overcome, however, I would say developing our core technology product and gaining beta feedback from our early users to ensure that the product is exactly what our customers want.

Similarly, we have been working hard on refining our key messaging so that people can easily understand the benefits of CircleLoop. I feel we’re there now but it was certainly a challenge!

Who is your target audience?
Our main target audiences are small businesses, start-ups, scale-ups and freelancers, particularly within the creative spaces, so the PR, digital and marketing sectors.

What is the USP of your startup?
CircleLoop is completely app-based and allows businesses to access their business numbers in a cloud-based system and use these numbers on their existing devices, including computers, mobile phones and tablets.

As well as this, the system is self-service and very easy to use. It has been built so that users can set up and manage the entire system themselves. It’s able to adapt to business requirements and is therefore much more efficient than traditional systems. You can control and add new features, new users and new numbers in a matter of seconds, without the need for IT engineers.

With CircleLoop, you can also integrate productivity with other cloud tools, including with CRM, project management and email. We’re working hard to build these integrations with a large number of key cloud tools, so businesses can manage all communications from one system.

As well as this, the product is commercially competitive and offers its entire system with unlimited outbound calls for just £15 per user as a pure SaaS month-to-month, flexible model.

Can you describe a typical workday?
My typical working day usually starts about 8am. First, I like to catch up with the news to see what’s happening in the world. After that, I am usually in meetings for the majority of the day. Typically, these are centred on how we can further enhance or grow the business with customers and/or partners.

Where do you see yourself and your startup CircleLoop in five years?
We aim to take on the traditional telecoms providers and disrupt the market with this innovative product. The shift to cloud-based communications is increasing at a significant pace, and this will change the way that businesses think of telecoms in its traditional form. BT has also announced that it will be switching off all PSTN and ISDN connections by 2025 and will cease selling new connections by 2020. The shift to cloud-based systems like CircleLoop will therefore become a necessity. In short, the market potential for CircleLoop is huge, and we aim to penetrate this in the coming years. Our aim is for CircleLoop to become a leading name within the telecoms sector.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
My top three tips would be:
1. Think big with your ideas and aim high.
2. Make mistakes and learn from them. Inevitably, as a start-up, you will face complexities and make mistakes, but it’s important to learn from these so that you can develop and grow, both as a business and individually.
3. Build a great team. Surrounding yourself with a supportive and caring team will lessen the difficulties that come with being a start-up – and make the difficulties worthwhile.

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