Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Audi partners with digital health incubator to tone up startups and drivers

AUDI AG becomes founding partner in Berlin’s Flying Health Incubator. The center supports startups that develop digital innovations in the healthcare sector

From modeling clay, art and innovation

While Miguel uses GecoCase as a video tripod, his wife can catch many wonderful memories with their child Noah thanks to the selfie function.

Porsche invests in startup Evopark

Porsche invests seven-digit figure in Startup evopark first investment by new Porsche Digital GmbH The newly founded Porsche Digital GmbH is going on the offensive. The...

next47 Siemens to invest €1 billion in new startups

next47 Siemens to invest €1 billion in new startups Freedom for new ideas and developing new technologies Siemens will set up a separate unit to...

Ahrma launches revolutionary smart pallet

Ahrma combines new innovative materials with The Internet of Things, using state-of-the-art intelligence, and well managed pool and rental services

DigitalLife Day 2016 – Daimler designs digital transformation

DigitalLife Day 2016 Information, Innovation, Inspiration: 500 Daimler employees experience the possibilities of digitalization first hand Daimler AG unites the strengths of a global group...

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