Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Hire professionals for part time tasks and not to lose your focus

AIRR online platform for investors and fund managers-consolidate data from any front or back-office systems you use on a daily based

Pick your battles, one at a time

Hashtag Daily the first soap opera airing on Instagram and Tiktok in a vertical format on your cell phone-a bridge between TV and Influencer marketing.

Go step by step

InnoGames developer and publisher of online and mobile games. Best known for games like "Forge of Empires", "Elvenar", and "Tribal Wars"

You need to be passionate

White Mushroom Holidays is a boutique chain of hotels and villas and aims to provide a consistent product at affordable rates.

Be kind to yourself

Bella and Duke best raw dog food real benefit to your dog’s health that you can stay together for as long as possible!

Nothing works without the risk , don’t be scared.

Digit Nine is a global platform which includes mentors, best practices and investors all under one roof in 5 days - to reach startups of funding

Keep it simple

Meet the founders of Hate Toursm Tours Portugal at the Berlin Travel Festival- offer unique experience in Lisbon, Porto or Lagos

Take Small steps but dream big

WishADish Restaurant Management include cloud-based POS billing, inventory management, CRM, third-party management and marketing management

Think big

On JumpStory gives you access to search amongst millions of photos, videos, illustrations, vectors and iconds. For just 25 USD per month - unlimited access!

Have a clear vision of where you want to go

In an interview with Alexandar Vassilev, CEO of the Joyn streaming platform, more than 60 free TV channels as well as exclusive series and films are offered

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