Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Don’t compare yourself to others

WeMaintain is the tech-enabled lift maintenance company radically, and rapidly, transforming the market. It provides building managers with a lift maintenance service that combines the technical skills of lift engineers with the agility and predictive power of its proprietary technology

Customer centricity is key

JetCamp is a marketplace that allows people to select, compare and book rentals or pitches on campings across Europe, lists more than 90% of all 25,000 European campings

Fail fast, recover faster

Roombuddy is a platform that helps people find roommates in a more entertaining way, using an ice-cream configurator to match potential roommate's tastes.

Cheap Social Media Marketing Tactics: Build Only Profitable Relationships

Cheap Social Media Marketing Tactics: Build Only Profitable Relationships. Top 5 Cheap Tactics To Grow Your Business Through Social Media

Think very big and act very small

LaraPay: We allow you to get paid the hours you worked in real time. Meaning, you don't have to worry about waiting until the end of the month!

Having a strong purpose in the core of your business is crucial

MANUYOO exciting young brands and products from all 55 African countries. Running shoes from Kenya, designer fashion from South Africa.

7 Essential Elements of a Successful Start-Up Marketing Plan

7 Essential Elements of a Successful Start-Up Marketing Plan- a good marketing plan can help any start-up grow its brand awareness and audience.

Be persistent, find the right partners and learn from experts

StoryPack is a microlearning platform that helps you learn from experts/ their books and your colleagues through short stories.

The market is the most important success factor

Sellics control Amazon SEO and Amazon Advertising, view the current status via a live profit dashboard and manage the reviews of all their offers at once.

No does not mean no, just not now

Novavem build smart tap water filters easy to use and can filter germs, microplastics, pesticide and more from tap water.

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