Sunday, May 29, 2022
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It is important to have a clear target of what you want to achieve

Unlimint: A constantly evolving financial interface for innovators- portfolio of financial services to businesses - from acquiring (payment processing) to banking and issuing

Green Alley Award 2022 finalist MakeGrowLab from Poland

The next Green Alley Award 2022 finalist we present you is MakeGrowLab from Poland. Let’s learn more about MakeGrowLab and their innovation!

Paper packaging with a patented honeycomb sleeve to protect fragile items

Green Alley Award 2022 finalist: Flexi-Hex! The brothers Sam and Will Boex developed a paper packaging with a patented honeycomb sleeve to protect fragile items.

Have a plan and execute it with enthusiasm

Vestinda investment marketplace platform that connects investors, traders and financial institutions to build an ecosystem

Enjoy the stress, there will be a ton of it.

Numarics business operating system that completely (OS) covers business management for SME, entrepreneurs and finance experts

Hire experts who are much better in their fields than you are

Orderlion offers customers an e-commerce operating system that developed specifically for companies working within the food supply chain

Never lose hope is a home services start-up aiming to bridge the gap between the individual and small-scale service providers and the customers looking for quality service

Atelier Riforma Re4Circular helps to optimize, reuse and resale textile waste

The Green Alley Award finalist 2022 we present you today is Atelier Riforma, also from Italy, which aims to sustainably disrupt the textile industry

Agree innovation to reduce food waste

We start our series about our Green Alley Award 2022 finalists with Agree from Italy, who was the winner of our public voting and therefore the first startup to enter the finals

It’s key to learn from your mistakes and improve

Rens launched the Elemental hoodie which will entry into the metaverse as the first 2022 units are accompanied by a Hoodie NFT

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