Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Conviction: You will meet significantly more doubters than believers

Zoog adapts children's books to the medium of creative video communication, enabling family members to communicate with the children in their lives across the technological gap in an entertaining way

Be optimistic with your vision, but pessimistic in your planning

Partium enables field service technicians and aftermarket service teams to identify spare parts in seconds. In very large industrial environments. From anywhere. With their mobile. 

Don’t worry about being perfec

REFRAMD create eyewear products designed to fit people and not the other way around: We're offering the most inclusive eyewear standards in the market.

Planning must make way for doing, preferably sooner rather than later

Viewr is designed to drastically lower the entry point to 3D Visualisation through an automated, cost-effective and easy to adopt software product

Make sure your team also grows along with the business

MyMobiForce B2B service marketplace where Enterprise and OEMs get their technical Services delivered using a National level Plug and Play network

Be very clear what you are trying to achieve

Silver Power Systems in real time, advanced performance-enhancing battery analytics for all types of electric vehicle, from cars to commercial vehicles

Work on something you would buy yourself

MoveNation help people to achieve their lifestyle goals through relocation make quality life abroad a reality and help uplift local economies

Go ahead and give it a go if you have an idea

Rightcharge help EV drivers find the right charge point and energy tariff combination for their home or business charging needs.

Ask for critics -but don’t take them personal

Lucky & Prince Pet Supplements, Smart treats for happier and healthier dogs - with fresh ingredients and portioned according to a dog’s breed

Be bold

Reread, an AI-powered platform that helps authors write bestselling books- writers services from beta-reading to marketing, copy-editing to proof-reading

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