Monday, January 18, 2021
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Focus on scalability and repeatability of the business

PouchNATION: PouchPASS wristband to allow continuous temperature monitoring as well as contact tracing

Stay true to your vision and product roadmap

Hatch omnichannel commerce solutions for manufacturing brands and retailers the global retail network consisting of inventory integrations with all key retailers worldwide.

Work on something you know

Beelinguapp is a language learning app that has a very unique method of teaching- it is an audiobook, there is a human voice narrating the text to you

Learn from your mistakes and fail successfully

Zooppy, India’s first Indian online fantasy platform for movies has been launched which is live on Apple IOS devices across India.

Don’t compare yourself to others

WeMaintain is the tech-enabled lift maintenance company radically, and rapidly, transforming the market. It provides building managers with a lift maintenance service that combines the technical skills of lift engineers with the agility and predictive power of its proprietary technology

Work on becoming more resilient

Twinwin HR and Legal B2B SaaS to empower HR as well as Management and reduce time, money and nerves spent on tasks at the intersection of HR & legal.

Customer centricity is key

JetCamp is a marketplace that allows people to select, compare and book rentals or pitches on campings across Europe, lists more than 90% of all 25,000 European campings

Fail fast, recover faster

Roombuddy is a platform that helps people find roommates in a more entertaining way, using an ice-cream configurator to match potential roommate's tastes.

Being curious is very important

eTEU is platform that automates the process of document creation in logistics Please introduce yourself and your startup eTEU to our readers!  My name is Kristian...

Have courage and try out new ideas!

ready2order: modular POS and payment solution that enables small businesses to optimize and digitalize their processes

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