Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Believe in your idea

YesColours: Feelgood paints in astonishing colours- to support wellbeing through a collection of feel-good shades, whether Joyful or Serene, Friendly

Keep doing what you are best at

Levana Nourishments Plant-Based Meal Replacements- with all the mandated nutritional elements of an actual meal: calories, protein, fat, fiber, minerals, amino acids. 

Don’t compromise – on the vision, your team and your purpose

Flox is a revolutionary and intuitive metaverse event platform. It helps drives more engagement in virtual and hybrid events.

Pick the best team to start and don’t settle for convenience

Revolv3 allows merchants and ISV platforms to focus on their core business Payment ecosystem with innovative breakthrough technology

Believe yourself

COAT paint company: sustainably produced paint in modern muted shades- everything you need to decorate - zero-waste models

Important to explore Web3 and what it’s bringing to the industry

OTM a fully automated stack of buying and selling ad inventory- help businesses create 360 degrees advertising to reach their customers in the digital space

Listen to your customers and identify their struggles 

Melodea is on a mission to provide plastic free-packaging solutions that are good for the planet and very functiona

Expect the unexpected at all times

hishare.that tech platform for the development, booking and support of influencer performance and branding campaigns Please introduce yourself and the startup hi!share.that to our readers! My...

The culture and values and with that our rituals and expected behaviors towards one another

Wooga created a series of successful and unique mobile app games, so-called casual games, including June’s Journey®, Pearl’s Peril® and Switchcraft®.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Alfred Travel travel companion pick up your luggage at your hotel or Airbnb and deliver it to the train stations and airports in Paris-and vice versa

Latest news

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