Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Find a balance between work and life

Rens: sneakers made from coffee waste and recycled plastic the they are 100% waterproof, vegan and ultra lightweight with an original ventilation system

Believe in what you’re doing

CoinLoan crypto management ecosystem, where anyone, no matter the location, can easily buy, swap, and trade crypto.

Don’t stay in stealth mode longer than necessary

Zero EC a Green IT solution that enables a thousand times higher bandwidth density at 99% lower energy consumption!

Follow your heart and find your very own way

akirolabs is an AI driven, enterprise-wide collaboration platform for strategic procurement - digitalizing the decision making process

Understand what your consumers want and need

Meatless Farm: We make fresh plant-based food using pea and other vegetable protein to replicate the familiar experience of meat.

Invest in networking

Her impact - one-stop shop for women's career development a web app that helps women learn, inspire and succeed in their career paths.

Keep going. Never give up!

Verdoo enable shoppers to save money when buying online and to offset their CO2 footprint by planting trees - 100 percent free

Remember nobody is perfect

Vindome also offers beginners the opportunity to invest in wine as an alternative investment without prior knowledge and entry barriers

Build your company culture consciously

Remazing service and software providers for brands on Amazon and other online marketplaces in Europe all from a single source

Stay focused

Agile 2 Academy teach the critical skills, such as Socratic leadership, Servant leadership, effective collaboration techniques, and so much more

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