Friday, May 7, 2021
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Turning Physiological & Psychological Data into Personalized Nutrition

myAir foodtech - Turning Physiological Data from Garmin Wearables into Personalized Nutrition- based nutrition bars to help users find stress relief.

Better Juice, GEA Join to Disrupt Global Juice Industry

Better Juice he sugar-reduction foodTech start-up signed a joint venture with GEA Group to scale upits sugar-reduction technology.

ChickP Launches Non-GMO Chickpea Starch

ChickP Launches Non-GMO Chickpea Starch. FoodTech start-up reinvigorates starch market with native chickpea starch

Prepare for the worst, surprise for good

MyAir personalize stress relief via plant-powered nutrition bars contains a research-backed botanical blend designed to deliver a specific stress-release effect

The company advocates for biodiversity as the key to food security

Equinom brings back genomic diversity to legumes. The company advocates for biodiversity as the key to food security

Done is better than perfect!

Easy Cook Asia deliver Asian country cook boxes once a month packed with ingredients, recipes, and stories to make Asian home cooking easy, accessible

Equinom beefs up plant-based meat products

Seed-breeding specialist start-up Equinom Ltd. is helping food manufacturers unlock the true potential of plant-based meat products.

Refreshingly new: O.Vine varietal wine-essence water

Wine Water, Ltd., parent company of O.Vine, Inc., launches Chardonnay- and Cabernet Sauvignon-essence water to refresh the “infused water” landscape.

Surround yourself with the right partners for your company

Yofix plant-based yogurt alternative using zero-waste process with “Bio 5 formula”: Oats, Lentils, Sunflower seeds, Sesame and Coconut.

Think bigger. Thinking bigger makes everything easier in the end

Interview with Radek the co-founder of SENS ans Cricket Lab about vision and the products Please introduce yourself. I'm Radek, I am the co-founder of SENS...

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