Saturday, July 2, 2022
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BioBetter Breaks Bottleneck in Cultivated Meat with Tobacco Plants

FoodTech start-up, BioBetter, Ltd., has assigned a new role for the much-maligned Nicotiana tabacum plant upon discovering it can overcome the greatest hurdle in cultured meat—that of scaled production

Cutting Sugar Loads from Hazelnut & Chocolate Spreads

Cutting Sugar Loads from Hazelnut & Chocolate Spreads CAMBYA™ tackles the sugar-reduction challenges in sweet spreads and filling, naturally

Red Microalgae Makes Veggie Burgers Bleed

Yemoja, Ltd., a marine ingredient start-up, announces developing a red microalgae discovery for medium-rare plant-based burgers and steaks that adds authentic “bloody” juiciness.

CarobWay Seals Agriculture Agreements to Boost Carob R&D

CarobWay together with Israel’s oldest environmental arm, the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL), have kicked off a nationwide research initiative for carob trees.

CarobWay Explores The Hidden Gems of Carob, Sustainably

CarobWay Explores The Hidden Gems of Carob, Sustainably - paths the way to sustainable, advanced agriculture and guaranty fair-trade to the growers

Understand what your consumers want and need

Meatless Farm: We make fresh plant-based food using pea and other vegetable protein to replicate the familiar experience of meat.

ChickP Announces Strategic Asia-Pacific Initiative

ChickP Announces Strategic Asia-Pacific Initiative. ChickP Protein, Ltd. is expanding into Asia Pacific with the launch of a new office in Singapore

Turning Physiological & Psychological Data into Personalized Nutrition

myAir foodtech - Turning Physiological Data from Garmin Wearables into Personalized Nutrition- based nutrition bars to help users find stress relief.

Better Juice, GEA Join to Disrupt Global Juice Industry

Better Juice he sugar-reduction foodTech start-up signed a joint venture with GEA Group to scale upits sugar-reduction technology.

ChickP Launches Non-GMO Chickpea Starch

ChickP Launches Non-GMO Chickpea Starch. FoodTech start-up reinvigorates starch market with native chickpea starch

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