Monday, May 16, 2022
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Female Entrepreneurs

Research your idea and anything similar

Ugigs Stream, a one stop streaming app that will help keep the live entertainment industry alive in these crazy times to help entertainers

The work is the key to everything

Between Traducciones Spanish translation agency based in Seville, specialising in certified translation.: specialisation, speed and personalised attention

Be patient and dream big

ALISIA ENCO fashion brand for all the women in the business world who want to feel inspired by clothes that define their personality and boost their confidence

Before you launch a company, speak to your potential customers first

Avvinue is an expat moving platform based in France and Nicole Caba the founder is also a moderator of the podcast The Moving Roadmap

Customer discovery should be your north star

Panza Startup in Costa Rica is a mobile app that connects local families to travelers by offering them authentic, home cooked meals

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small

The Words Edge (TWE), a Digital Content Agency help clients across the globe leverage quality services that achieve their marketing goals.

Never lose your passion and think out of the box!

mTek enables clients to compare and buy insurance policies. They can also handle the whole claims process from the convenience of their smartphone. All processes are end-to-end paperless

Nothing works without the risk , don’t be scared.

Digit Nine is a global platform which includes mentors, best practices and investors all under one roof in 5 days - to reach startups of funding

Learn to say no

Jobbatical, takes care of the talent immigration and relocation process for businesses, saving them time and providing a seamless experience for their new international employees.

Don’t forget to be active and eat health!

WirFit fitness trainer platform make it possible to maintain an active lifestyle Please introduce yourself and your startup WirFit to our readers! I am Abigale...

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