Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Nicolas Burkhardt: Be authentic and don’t be afraid of asking stupid questions

Meet Nicolas Burkhardt CSO and Co-Founder of RYSKEX at the event MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION: I will talk about the buzzword itself as well as about the logic, that disruption and digitization is no purpose in itself.

The Startup Guide Series is Back in Berlin for Vol. 4

The Startup Guide has partnered up with Silicon Allee, who will be the main project facilitator and supporter. The project will be sponsored by Airbus and KPMG

Startupbootcamp launches its second Scale program in San Francisco

Startupbootcamp, the leading global network of industry-focused accelerators, today announces the launch of its second Startupbootcamp Scale program in San Francisco

Dr. Robin Kiera: Fail fast, fail often, fail cheap – the best way to learn

Dr. Robin Kiera: In insurtech and fintech we see a second wave of start-ups. Pioneer entrepreneurs mostly attacked a part of the value chain of their industry

Alexander Degenhart: Networking is the crucial part of a start-up’s strategy.

Meet Alexander Degenhart at the MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION in Vienna Please introduce yourself to our readers! Alexander Degenhart: Dear readers, I am Alexander...

Moritz Finkelnburg: Be inspired but no dreamer

Meet Moritz Finkelnburg at the MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION in Wien Please introduce yourself to our readers! Moritz Finkelnburg: Hello everybody and welcome to Vienna and...

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