Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Barack Obama to speak at Bits & Pretzels 2019

Bits & Pretzels, Europe’s leading founders festival, proudly announces this year’s opening speaker: President Barack Obama.

Build a cool product!

Blickfeld is in the top 150 of the European Startup Prize for Mobility Please introduce yourself and your startup Blickfeld to our readers! I’m Florian Petit, one of...

Resilience, believe in your product and stay on it.

munevo DRIVE is an innovative special steering control for electric wheelchairs, which is based on smartglasses

Ask for help, when you need it

ObjectBox edge database, 10X faster than any alternative,  smaller than 1 MB, uniquely designed to sit directly on IoT and Mobile devices

Think big

ONO : PAT alternative and cost-efficient solution to current parcel delivery methods, making our cities safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. 

Find the right balance

TWAICE: We are providing predictive battery analytics software independent of any battery system manufacture and overarching industries

Lime renews Stella McCartney project and supports sustainable fashion

Lime renews Stella McCartney project and supports sustainable fashion. Catch it at the « Winter 2019 » fashion show on Monday 4 March at 10:00

Do something that matters

Meet Max Loessl CEO of Agrilution on the Global Food Summit : We will be presenting our Personal Vertical Farming Ecosystem live for people

Julien Rio: Be a leader

Meet Julien Rio, Head of Marketing at Dimelo at the Chatbot Summit on 23 till 24 October in Berlin about- major topic: human/machine collaboration

ECOPLASTEAM – the second chance for tetrapaks

The Italian startup Ecoplasteam invented a new process capable of recycling 100% of aluminium packages and all of their components.

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