Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Be honest with all your deeds

QUOKKA Activity Boards the brightest education toys for kids of wood American water based paints that have GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification

Be persistent, and don’t give up too easily

TIMIO, is a patented screen-less, educational audio toy and music player for kids that was created with both parents and children in mind

The idea is 1% of the job, work hard to make it real

Dicees connected dice for Role Play Games with its own app. You can simulate "n-faces-dice" (4 - 6 - 10 - 12 - 20 - 30 - 100, etc.).

If you have an idea think it through very well and then just go for it.

FrankOne One-Touch Specialty Coffee Brewer: Cold Brew Coffee in 4 Minutes that is naturally less bitter, it is fast to use and clean, and easy to use.

Don’t fear mistakes and setbacks

Goldfink Solar Planner tablet case with solar-charged powerbank Please introduce yourself and your startup Goldfink to our readers. Our Berlin-based startup Goldfink was founded in 2016...

Have a USP

STAG hand craft luxury shaving sets sourced British Woods Please introduce yourself and your startup STAG to our readers! Hi! I'm Luke and the founder of...

Be passionate about what you are doing

At Néit we create beautifully engineered, problem-solving innovations for the travel industry. Our smart, collapsible hardcase luggage complements modern urban lifestyles from the moment we pull the case out of our closet all the way to putting it back in at the end of the trip

Don’t let naysayer bring you down

KEEGO: The world’s first squeezable metal bottle. Allowing for fast, precise, one-handed drinking and thereby minimizing the distraction.

Find a product that will bring you high profit

Normally smart bulbs rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Zigbee to operate, but Heelight just require you to scan the QR code or download an app.

We need to concentrate more on the consumer’s needs and invent things required by the market

8 Seconds Glasse, which alleviates eye strain from computer monitors and reduces the risk of visual dysfunction and blindness.

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