Be ready to put in all you got- your time, energy and faith

BreatheFresh creating awareness about indoor air pollution and promoting a healthier life

Please introduce yourself and your startup BreatheFresh to our readers!
BreatheFresh Solutions Pvt. limited is an environment start up that aims to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and promote a healthier life by creating clean and chemical free indoor air. BreatheFresh works on a primary mission of creating awareness about indoor air pollution and promoting a healthier life. The unique products & solutions offered are Natural & Chemical free, carefully handpicked from the best sources, and affordably priced to ensure that every family is able to fight indoor air pollution effectively.

How did you get the idea to BreatheFresh?
I have seen very close relatives of mine administering nebulizers, inhalers to my nephews and nieces who were barely couple of years old. It pained me tremendously to see them suffering but never knew the cause of their illness would be indoor air twice as much as the outdoor air. When I became a dad myself three years ago, I wanted a safe and healthy space for my little child. Moving out of Delhi was always an option but not the solution. And, it became my personal mission to provide a safe, gentle and healthy air for my family.

I did buy the electric air purifiers that are in the market but was not hugely satisfied due to their non-portability and affordability. I wanted a house-hold product, more like a daily staple that works a) without electricity and b) is easily affordable by all. And hence my research and endeavour for finding the solution started and we came up with Breathe Fresh- the idea and the right of everybody towards better air.

We started rolling our products in online marketspace- Amazon, Flipkart etc.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
BreatheFresh as a company believes that Fresh Air is a right to every breath of every human inhabiting the space of modern living.

We all have seen the bottled water in marketspace that sells “Clean Water” added with goodness of minerals. But Air is not as simple. People now realize that the Air around them is not Safe or Fresh; our government has implemented schemes for outdoor air pollution from vehicles and industries but no one is really talking about the Air inside our homes. There is a lack of awareness when it comes to that- on smog days, people usually stay back homes with their windows shut. But little do they know about the VOCs/lead effusing from their wall paints, or formaldehyde from the furniture, or smoke from the kitchen, pesticides and other chemicals from the air sprays/perfumes etc.

To put this in perspective, a recent survey on around 628 people living in National Capital Region has revealed that 31% of people have some form of airway disease while 46% percent showed symptoms suggesting respiratory disease. Of the 100 offices and houses surveyed, 76% were found to have unhealthy air quality with PM2.5 levels concentrations over 250 microns per cubic meter (m3).

Our aim is not only to provide solutions to cleaner home air but to also cause a shift in people’s minds for their responsibility towards better air for themselves and their families. Our ecosystem, our whole planet at the outset is under tremendous distress due to many reasons, modern living being one of them. We need to ask some very uncomfortable questions to ourselves- what is our role and responsibility in all this? Can we make it better? Can I rescue my home and make it a better and healthier place to live?
We do exactly just that- create awareness for the Indoor air pollution and provide solutions for the problem that is not often seen but is manifested in many forms of respiratory disorder.

What is the USP of your startup?
Our solutions are robust and yet affordable engineered from Nature’s hidden secrets. We are committed to going with natural resources and we do not use any artificial or chemicals in our product portfolio.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
We begin our day in the morning ensuring everyone on the floor has work assigned and checking the performance of the production targets. All red flag stock items are addressed and previous day orders are processed. All queries and social media that need attention are addressed. 
We spend a significant amount of time researching on new products and ways the problem can be addressed and avoided, so we ensure to spend a couple of hours on it every day.

Where do you see yourself and your startup BreatheFresh in five years?
Continual improvement of our Products with upgraded technology.
Launch New solutions for indoor air pollution every quarter.
Launch in each city of India
To be available at all Larger Retail, Lifestyle Stores, Health Stores
Online Market Place Availability.
Continual Service Support
R& D on Indoor Air Pollution – Prevention and Remedies

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Never give up, a breakthrough may just be around the corner. Whatever reason you give yourself to stop, see that as an opportunity to grow.
Make sure that you have support and agreement of your family for your venture. They are the pillars in this long winding journey.
Be ready to put in all you got- your time, energy and faith. This path will test you like nothing ever imagined.

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