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Europe’s leading on-demand Storage platform Box at Work launches Paris

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Box at Work, on­–demand storage leader on the European market, is launching its business in Paris on Thursday, september 15th

The Berlin based start–up – a genuine alternative to self-storage – is already dominating in the German and Swiss market with her 100% recyclable green boxes and is now looking forward to making life simpler and greener for Parisians.

Box at Work was founded in Berlin in 2014 by Gerrit Jan Reinders and the idea behind it was to remedy the lack of a simple, cheap and eco–friendly solution for those looking to store their belongings outside their homes.

“Thanks to Box at Work, people living in the city won’t ever have to travel to a self–storage facility or to a furniture storage unit again. In just a few clicks, we come and pick up your things and/or bulky items that you don’t need every day and we store them. If you need them back, we deliver them back to you within 24 hours. Furthermore, our system centralizes all orders so that we can optimise the itineraries of our drivers, in order to minimize our carbon footprint.” says Gerrit Reinders.

In France, and in particular in urban areas where space is getting scarce, 53% of the population reports lacking space to store belongings. That figure is confirmed by the leading cause of moves: 44% of moves are directly linked to lack of space and to the search of more comfortable accommodation. Also, Paris has the highest population density in Europe and with almost 98% of apartments‑ half of which are less than 3 rooms‑ Box at Work presents the perfect solution.

Much like the American success stories Makespace and Clutter, Box at Work has been one of the rare start–ups to win over the European storage market so quickly. Indeed, the London start–up Spaceways, launched in 2014 by Rocket Internet, did not encounter the same success and had to withdraw from the French, American and Australian markets after only a few months of activity.

On the other hand, two years after its creation, Box at Work’s services are available in more than 10 German and Swiss cities and has managed to attract numerous really important partners. It therefore comes as no surprise that in June 2016, the young company was successful in raising € 5.5 million from venture–capital players, with plans to tackle the historic American market and to strengthen its presence in Europe, starting with France.

Box at Work did numerous studies and tests with large French moving companies before entering the complex Paris market. François Villaret, Head of French operations, explains: “We have benefited from the local expertise of these moving giants and believe we will now successfully launch our concept. German and French consumers still have very different behaviours and this will be a perfect test before launching the major cities in the USA”.

The green box will be available for home delivery in the whole Paris region, as from 15 September, starting at 5,90 € a month and 8,75 € for bulky objects. Significant volumes are also accommodated on quotation and the start–up is already working on an offer tailored for professionals.

Bright prospects for the Berlin–based company whose ambition is to disrupt the somewhat old-fashioned self-storage market.

All information will be available on the website

Source Box at Work GmbH

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