BotBarCamp Vienna will be held on the 29 – 30 of April at the ImpactHub Vienna

All about BOTS at BotBarCamp Vienna

Vienna continues to hold the ground hot with the current trends on topics like chatbots and AI. With the numerous events every month, an un-conference BotBarCamp Vienna will be held on the 29 – 30 of April at the ImpactHub Vienna.

For those who don’t know, what is a BarCamp, here is a short description:

“BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web” – says Wikipedia.

The BarCamps are open, hands-on workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants at the day of the conference. Basically anyone can come and hold a talk related to the subject of the BarCamp.

“With the Chatbot Conference in October, the chatbot incubator Lemmings twice a year, the new chatbot accelerator Elevate and our monthly BotsHub meetups, the BotBarCamp was a natural sequence, that simply came to our minds” – says Barbara Ondrisek, co-organiser of the event.

So what can the participants expect at BotBarCamp? The topics should cover everything around chatbots / AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Natural Language Processing / Speech-To-Text and much much more. With around 200 participants expected, the event will be divided in two days:
– 29th of April (Saturday) will proceed with participant generated talks and workshops, BotBarCamp.
– 30th of April (Sunday) will kick of with a hackathon, which will be summed up at Pitch Competition (co-organised by Startup Live) with prices for the best ideas!

The organising team consist of five chatbot enthusiasts: Barbara Ondrisek (Co-Founder and CEO of Chatbots Agency), Lena Doppel (BarCamp veteran), Tanja Sternbauer (Managing Partner at Startup Live), Natalie Korotaeva (User Experience Engineer at craftworks) and Vaida Saltenyte (Biz Dev at Chatbots Agency).

The event is totally free, the organisers are working hard to prepare the best experience for everybody, therefore not only participants, but also sponsors are very welcome.
“Slack is doing a Europe Tour through all the major bots hubs like London, Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv and we are happy that they are joining us here, in Vienna, as a main sponsor”. – says Natalie.

Registration is handled (of course) by a BotBarCamp chatbot

Hurry up, the space is limited and the number of registered participants is already reaching the limit.

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